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on 16 June 2011

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History of the web The technology behind the web Structure of the internet Searching for information on the internet The computer as a communication The internet isn´t the first telecommunication technology; it is only the last in a long line of telecommunications developments that ocurred during the 19th and 20th THE END 1989 Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Caillau designed a system to allow documents to have links between different pieces of data. 1990 Tim Berners-Lee proposed the Would Wide Web by using a system called HyperText. Then Tim Berners-Lee : Created the first web page Wrote the first web brouser Created the first server A program for UNIX called Mosaic sparked the popularity of the Would Wide Web. 1993 Tim Berners.Lee Web Serves Is a computer that a stores HTML documents, also known as web pages. URL Uniform Resource Locator Protocol Hostname Path HTML The protocol part of an URL is the funny string of characters that you see before the hostname. The hostname is the adress that you are going to visit. The path culminating with the filename you are trying to reach. HTML is the programming language used in web pages. Hyper Text Markup Language http:// www.esobook.net /firstyear/chapter1 .HTML Router The internet is a lot of routers connected to one another. IP Internet Protocol Each computer connected to the internet has a unique identifying number, called an IP
A typical IP address has four sets of numbers separates by dots and looks:
But computers communicate in binary: 11010101.00010001.00000101.11011001 There are some web pages thet have computer programs called search engines. these programs don´t actually look for the information, but they look for web pages with a title that somewhat resembles what we are looking for (hopefully). such as: The user can select what kind of information to search for: web pages,images... The user types in "keywords". Keywords are the words that best describa what the user wants to find. Click on "search" Keywords are the words that best describe what the user wants to find. 1 2 3 Email Videoconferencing Blog Chat Is a way to send a letter from one client address to another client address. It has the advantage over normal mail that it does not take days but only seconds or minutes to arrive. Such as: Hotmail Gmail It has the advantage over normal mail that it doesn´t take days but only seconds or minutes to arrive. Is a telecommunication technology that allows various individuals to communicate simultaneously through both voice and image. The user at each end of the conference needs: A computer connected to the internet. A web cam. A microphone and speakers. The video conference software, normally free. Is a place where a person posts information with the intention of sharing it with other people. Is a way to exchange messages instantly with one or several other users, both/all being online simultaneously.
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