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US Navy Sailing Ships

No description

Phil Niles

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of US Navy Sailing Ships

What are some important Navy Ships from the age of sail? USS Conestellation
USS Chesapeake USS Constitution
USS Essex USS Saratoga
USS Conetellation
USS Chesapeake
USS Constitution
USS Essex
USS Saratoga
Ship Facts:
Lenght - 199 ft
Beam - 41 ft
Draft - 21 ft

Knows as the "Yankee Race Horse"

Civil War
- "Cradle of Admirals"

Ship Facts:
Cost - $220,000
Lenght - 152 ft
Beam - 41 ft
Draft - 20 ft
38 guns

Chesapeake - Leopard Affair
Captain James Barron
Ship captured

Chesapeake vs Shannon
Captain Lawrence
"Don't give up the ship!" Ship Facts:
Cost - $302,700
Lenght - 204 ft
Beam - 43 ft
Draft - 22 ft

Famous for War of 1812 captured numerous merchant ship and defeated 5 british ships

Captian Issac Hull

Constitution vs Guerriere
"Old Ironsides" - southern live oak Ship facts:
Cost - $139,362
Lenght - 140 ft
Beam - 26 ft
36 guns

Particapted in the Quasi War, Barbary Wars, and the War of 1812

Proud Victory:
Barbary War --> Battle of Derne

Cruise of the Essex Ship Facts:
Lenght - 143 ft
Beam - 36 ft
Draft 12 ft


Master Commandant Macdonough

Battle of Plattsburgh
Kedge Anchors
Confidance Questions? http://bmworacleracing.com/en/interactive/videos_2009/index.html?track.refer=/en/index.html&track.type=home
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