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How have cartoons changed over between the 90's and the Pres

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Andrew Lachenmayr

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of How have cartoons changed over between the 90's and the Pres

How have cartoons changed over between the 90's and early 00s to the Present?
Cartoons and consumers
The 90's and early 00s were a time were Saturday morning cartoons became obsolete to the new 24 hour a day cartoon network and other channels that featured cartoons like Nickelodeon and Disney. In this time Cartoons changed and there was changes regarding the audience and consumers, characters and ideas, the confinements of regulations, where, and how cartoons are viewed. From the 90's to present day cartoons have seen changes all over the spectrum.
Spongebob generates 8 billion dollars a year in revenue. this cartoon has lived through the 90s and to the present. It shows just how this time has consistently targeted consumers (Hampp, Andrew).
Star Wars was not even considered to be animated before the 21st century. However Star Wars has made three times more money from toys then from box office revenue. It is no surprise that they are targeting children who watch the cartoon on Cartoon Network (Statistic Brain).
The 90s was the self proclaimed "Disney Decade" where 10 billion dollars was made in revenue. as well abc was bought by Disney, and all that abc had owned (Random History).

Fan Base
Though Billy and Mandy may have ended years ago, the ideas creator Maxwell Atoms has not. However it takes money to turn these ideas into a cartoon and kickstarter offers potential money, so long as there are people willing to support his ideas. Kickstarter helps people like Atoms every year, and this year alone Atoms has made 32 percent of its goal, with 16,000 dollars (Cartoon Brew)!
Many Cartoons and Comics have started off as an idea with not kind of money to get started, Kickstarter is a site where these idea can be funded by total strangers who have become fans of the idea before it is even popular (Kickstarter).
Cartoon network proves that cartoons are no longer just for kids. In fact the average age of those who watch CN is 35! This means that those who watched it in the 90s, and even those older then the network itself still watch cartoons! almost 40 percent of those over 18 who watch cartoon network don't even have children! (Network Demographics)
So what happened between 2002 and 1012? A merger between Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner, and a change in ownership (Jim Snyeder). Suddenly in order to follow Disney and Nickelodeon, Cartoons got canceled to include more reality based shows. The cartoons that were canceled were the cartoons of the 90's (Romano, Theresa).
In 1994 Cartoon network was born, and in 1995 the What a Cartoon show aired. This show featured segments of cartoons that were not yet really Shows. This was followed by many fan responses and the cartoons turned into featured shows. Dexter's Laboratory, Ed Edd and Edy, and Power Puff Girls are examples of TV shows that existed because of their fans. However is the late 2000's these shows have been canceled (Romano, Theresa).
Today Adventure Time and Regular Show air on cartoon network, but aside from a few others, that is really it. The Present Day world of Cartoons has really diminished, and there are considerably less cartoons airing today then there were in the 90s (Romano, Theresa).
Nickelodeon and Number of Cartoons in 90's and Modern Day
Modern Day
Sponge Bob
Angry Beavers
Cat Dog
Ren and Stimpy
Just like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon also has had a drop in cartoons to make room fro more reality and sit com based TV shows. The Balance above shows just how much cartoons of the 90s outweigh the present, and the balance below shows the weight of modern reality TV shows. This Shows the audiences change in in preference regarding entertainment.
Kenan and Kel

All That
Invader Zim
Rockos Modern Life
Fairly odd Parents
Hey Arnold
House of Anubus
The Thundermans
Sam and Cat
Deadtime Stories
The Haunted Hathaways
Drake and Josh
Big Time Rush
History of Cartoon Network's cartoons
The Internets Role
The internet plays a major role in cartoons. because even though cartoons on TV are diminishing, cartoons on the internet are doing the exact opposite! Sites like Cartoon Brew and Cartoon Hangover offfer an eclectic collection of Cartoons that can be viewed at any time by at the viewers will. (Also there are a lot less rules regarding what is acceptable as a cartoon. ie. NO BOUNDARIES.)
Bravest Warriors is a Cartoon that is aired online at Cartoon Hangover (or Youtube if you just want to watch it there.) Bravest Warriors was made by Pendleton Ward (He made created Adventure Time) and though it the idea first aired on Nickelodeons Random! Cartoons show, Cartoon Hangover was the chosen home to the Bravest Warriors. It has seen two seasons and there are currently 14 episodes (and a new one every two weeks) the pilot episode has a staggering 4 million views on Youtube alone! Bravest Warriors shows just how popular cartoons are even without the TV!
Theses are the people who regulate what can and can not be communicated by means of the media. Rules are set in place to protect children under the age of 16 what the FCC deems unsuitable.
All in all there are boundaries, rules, and regulations that cartoons must follow. However they have become significant more lenient in modern days. For example rules regarding nudity and certain words are now deemed okay for children.
NPR published a recent article about how shows like Adventure Time can be for adults as well as children. Writer, Neda Ula states that there have been episodes that touch on very advanced topics for children. One example would be that Jake, one of the main characters (the orange dog giving a high five that stretches around the scene) saw his own death. after seeing how he dies the character comes to piece with moving on, as Finn (the "totally mathematical!" boy on the right) cannot let Jake die because of how much Jake means to him. This adult topic was "hard for us to really not make it so sad and scary that you feel really sad and scared watching it." According to creator Pendleton Ward. in spite of the difficulty however, the Writers behind Adventure Time continue to tackle such difficult topics while making it entertaining for an audience of all ages (Neda Ula). Which really says something considering the average age of those who watch Cartoon Network are in their thirites...(Network Demographics).
The 90s brought about cartoon characters with average problems, like the average everyday you and me. According to Gen-Yer Samantha Shokin, these average protagonists are "thereby signaling to their young audiences that it’s perfectly fine to be awkward and uncool and to avoid the beaten path—a call-to-arms to future hipsters everywhere. Unlike Charlie Brown—the pathetic sap, the “nice guy” at the butt of many jokes who once earned our collective sympathy—these average Joes are the heroes of their respective cartoon realities" (Shokin, Samantha).
In the 00s we are seeing a bit of a mix. There are still characters with average problems, but it is a little more entertaining. Regular Show is a great example of this. It is about two best friends who have a job together as groundsmen at the local park. However they turn these boring jobs into exciting adventures. This show takes on what our imagination is craving! IMDB summarizes the episode as "Mordecai and Rigby accidentally coat the interior of Mr. Mallard's limousine in meatball sub." It happens to all of us, we accidentally make a mess in the car. But i bet that we clean the car like boring average people rather than going to a limousine derby and fighting a limo-saurous rex in order to just go buy a new limo. It is that kind of creative imagination that the 21st century audience craves. It's no surprise that there are 124 episodes and 4 seasons.
According to a study done at UNA, Most college students prefer to watch old cartoons rather than new ones.Resons being that older cartoons bring back a sense of nostalgia. some students say that after watching the cartoons again as adults they catch things they missed when they were little. They say that though the animation is worse, the characters and episodes were overall more entertaining (Lindley, Alex).
Nickelodeon and Number of Sit Coms and Reality TV Shows in the 90's and present day.
According to toptens.com there are only 8 cartoon characters from modern day cartoons that are considered to be in the top 20. the remaining 12 are from the 90's (TheTopTens.com).

The cartons from the 90's and early 00's have many differences when compared to modern day cartoons. The cartoons have changed based on their fans, consumers and channel providers. they have also changed what it is that makes a good character and the ideas behind the cartoon

a lot of the changes have surrounded money. Disney and Sponge bob prove how powerful that money can be. Sponge bob is one of the longest lasting TV cartoons of all time, and it wouldn't be without the money. Disney has also changed for the money. Disney continued to make movies throughout the 90's and early 2000's in order to generate more revenue then it ever has before.

In the 90's and early 2000's ideas were shown to the world via Random! Cartoons and the Cartoon Cartoon Show as compared to modern times where Kickstarter and sites like Cartoon Brew can be used to start a new and successful idea and turn it into a cartoon! As well the FCC has become more lenient with its regulations regarding cartoons, which gives Writers more freedoms to create their cartoons.

Fans have also changed overtime. In the 90's and early 2000's it was normal for children to watch cartoons...just children. but now the average age of those watching cartoon network is in the thirties! Fans also have had a change in heart as to what they want to be entertained by. Characters are a good reflection of these changes.

In the 90's and early 2000's being a superhero and what not was not as entertaining as cartoons with characters who share our everyday dilemmas. In modern examples of cartoons there is a combination of of elements that create an exciting character who battle everyday dilemmas while being creative and entertaining. this change in the character makes up what it is that the audience is really craving. the 90's and early 00's were similar to stepping stones in order to create these modern characters, though some characters like sponge bob were ahead of their time and can continue entertaining our modern audience.

When one observes the History of Cartoon network which exits through the 90's to the present day, we can see all these changes take place. Consumers and viewers change in age and interest while the characters and ideas behind the cartoons evolve into what is modern day cartoons. Today Cartoon Network may only have a handful of cartoons, as opposed to the past, but it is safe to say that the modern cartoons have become entertaining and pleasing to a vast audience.

My answer to how cartoons have changes from the 90's and early 00's to the present is that: there have been changes in cartoons regarding characters, ideas, and entertainment that reflect on the audiences change in what is entertaining in cartoons, how and where cartoons are viewed, and how they support cartoons, through consumerism or a fan base.

Present Day
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