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Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

Recruitment plan, events and evaluation topic

Brittney Lyda

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

Assistant Director of
Undergraduate Recruitment Determine how much money is allotted for the year for recruitment efforts such as:
Travel expenses
Print & Marketing materials
Promotional items
Events Conduct Market Research Team Collaboration The "MAIN" Event Social Media Campaign The competitor was the biggest risk
Budget management
Uncertainly growth and inflation rates Risks Brittney Lyda Describe what steps you would take in
developing a recruitment plan for a new
territory – Arizona and Colorado.
What type of events would you schedule
and how would you evaluate your efforts? Interview Topic: Must also factor in additional recruitment projects later on to make sure there are enough funds to last throughout the fiscal year Decide how much
money can be
spent on the
new territory Evaluate the Budget List all high schools & community colleges
Find out most populated areas
Look at city demographics
Note different cultures
Get to know the competition Categorize data into top 5 most populated regions for each state List college fairs
and related events
in those regions
within the next year Assign regions in each state to team members
Equal distribution of schools
Establish personal contact via phone
Introduce NSU
Information sharing
Inquire about events or campus visits
Invite to the "Main Event"
Request mailing After initial contact, team members will mail out information "PACKET" K.I.T.
Follow-up Finalize Recruitment Plan Prioritize attending events by location, date and cost
Focus on most populated regions
Categorize visits by dates
Limit expenses
Set a timeline
Determine which team members will attend
Register for events & arrange travel Host a brain storming session with the Admissions team to generate creative ideas, share opinions and develop new techniques
How "I Believe in NSU: Virtual College Week" #ibelieveinNSU Week long virtual college fair at NSU!
Monday-Friday 9am-9pm Featuring:
Always ON live chats with Admissions & Financial Aid counselors
Webcasts & video logs with current students & faculty
Live virtual tours and event reporting
social media campaign
Contests, interviews, V.I.P treatment Each day will showcase a different part of NSU Monday University Center Tuesday Alvin Sherman Library Wednesday Thursday Shark Athletics Friday Campus Housing Corporate sponsorships
community partners
NSU family involvement Launch Social Media campaign prior to event
School contacts will be informed during initial phone call
Mailed packets will include invitations for students with online registration
Event is promoted during in person recruitment visits Academic Centers Balance of quantitative and qualitative techniques
Use statistical methods
Surveys from large numbers of respondents
Staff Performance & Areas needing improvement
Reduce inconsistencies and increase efficiencies
Gauge future benefits/current activities, & adjust accordingly
Spreadsheet-Monitor contacts established Evaluation Methods L-
E- Lead
Enrolled S-
T- Strengths
Threats Region 3 Region 2 Region 5 Region 4 Region 1 Pheonix, Arizona Denver, Colorado Population- 1.5 Million
14 High Schools
8 Community Colleges
4 Events, Dates, Times Population- 600K
10 High Schools
5 Community Colleges
2 Events, Dates, Times Packet will include:
Social Media cards-1 URL
Invitation to "Main Event" Registered Participants
App Fee Waiver #
Hash tags
Prizes! ipad mini
Gift Cards
T-Shirts Tuscon, Arizona
Colorado Springs, Colorado Mesa, Arizona
Aurora, Colorado Chandler, Arizona
Fort Collins, Colorado Glendale, Arizona
Lakewood, Colorado Determine Specifics: Questions
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