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Fashion engineering

No description

Hannah Malone

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Fashion engineering

Fashion engineering
Professionals working in industrial fashion make upscale clothing. They learn about designing, draping, drafting, & sample-making.
Quality manager
Quality managers aim to ensure that the product or service an organization provides is fit for purpose,is consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations.
Product Designer
Product designers use their design skills and technical knowledge to improve the way that existing products work and look, and/or produce them at a lower cost. They may also be involved in designing entirely new products.
By Hannah,Saoirse,Caitlin,Sinead
Material engineers
Material engineers have everything to do with the materials that are used in the making of the shoe to make it safe and comfortable.
Mechanical engineering
The mechanical engineers decide how to manufacture the shoe and make it in the safest way possible.
Purchasing manager

Purchasing managers are responsible for buying the best quality equipment, goods and services for a company or organisation at the most competitive prices.
They need to be good at negotiating, networking and dealing with numbers, as well as dealing with other factors such as sustainability, risk management and ethical issues.

Materials engineer
Materials engineers are responsible for the research, specification, design and development of materials to advance technologies of many kinds. Their expertise lies in understanding the properties and behaviours of different substances, from raw materials to finished products. The field is also referred to as materials science or materials technology
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