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A Normal Day for a French Teen!

A normal day for a french teen, and how it compares to my day.

Autumn Roecker

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of A Normal Day for a French Teen!

Normal Day for a French Teen By: Autumn Roecker How does a French teenager's day compare to mine? This report is going to let you know! American French The Morning: For the average French student a normal school day will start at 8:45 a.m. So on the week days they will get up and get ready for school. A popular breakfast food to eat in the morning is crapes. Most teens will get to school by walking. On weekend mornings you will find French teens enjoying the day off and sleeping in. Most French are part of a religion but few go to a church service Sunday mornings. The Morning: For the average american student the school day will start between 7:20 a.m. and 8:oo a.m. On the week days we get up and get ready to go to school. Most americans get to school by taking the bus or driving in a car. On weekend mornings its mainly a time to sleep in. Some teens may go to a church service Sunday mornings, depending on their religion. The School Day: In France a school day is an average of eight hours long, including a one hour lunch break. A school day in France is not allowed to exceed eight hours. Students in France have a more strict class schedule. They are required to take many classes and are not allowed many electives, but the general classes do not very much from the classes Americans have. All French students are required to eat meat during their lunch, even if a lunch is brought from home it must have meat in it. The only way to get around this is to go home to eat lunch. The School Day: The average school day for an
American teenager is about seven hours long. This includes a lunch break that is about thirty minuets long. Our class schedule is not as structured as the French. We are reacquired to take some certain classes, but we are also offered many electives. The Weekend: The weekends are a time of fun for most teenage Americans. This is when teens will hang out with friends, go to movies, sports games, or parties. There are also many teens who have jobs on the weekends. The Afternoon/Night: After school some american teens have after school activities such as sports or clubs. If one does not have anything after school they may go home and do their homework or go hang out with friends. There are also teens with after school jobs. The Afternoon/ Night: After school the French do pretty much the same things we do, some have sports or activities after school. Some popular sports played are soccer, which they call football, basketball, handball, and rugby. Motor sports are also very popular. In France many sport games and after school activities take place on Wednesdays. If a student is not in an after school activity they will go home work on their homework, or hang out with friends. There are also teens with after school jobs. The afternoon in France really does not vary much from an American afternoon. The Weekend: On the weekend French teens hang out just like Americans. Some will have sports, especially on Saturday a lot of games are played. Otherwise teens will go to the movies, go shopping, hang out in cafes or chat on the internet with friends. Some are big into music and will listen to it or play instruments. In the summer many teens will go to the beach or pool. In the winter it is popular to go skiing/snowboarding. One thing that is different in France is that there is no drinking age, so on the weekend many teens may sip wine with friends or family, but French teens must drink responsibly. Overall French weekends are not much different from ours. Conclusion: Over all I learned that French teens do not have a day much different than mine! Americans and French teens are pretty much interested in the same things and do mostly the same activities.

I hope you enjoyed my project on a French teenager's day!

Any questions???
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