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Louis XVI

No description

Abby Witherstine

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Louis XVI

King Louis XVI
Marriage and Children
Before and During the French Revolution
Works cited:
The people sentenced Louis to high treason and crimes against the state.
Louis XVI's Early Life
Louis possibly suffered a disorder which made him terribly shy and somewhat indecisive.
Louis was out hunting when the Bastille was stormed.
Louis was fluent in Italian and English.
Interesting Facts:
The French Revolution started by unfair way of government. This Was possibly because of Louis being misguided by teachers and advisers.
The Great Fear probably caused more innocent deaths than the Bastille due to people being afraid of each other.
Death and Legacy
Louis Auguste de France was born on August 23, 1754. His parents were Louis, Dauphans of France and Marie-Josephe of France. He had two older brothers and was often ignored by his parents. He was tutored and excelled in Latin, History, Geography, Astronomy. It wasn't until his brothers had died before he received any attention.
When Louis was 15 years old he married the 14 year old Marie-Antoinette (Who was his second cousin twice removed). They didn't have any children until they were in their late 20's. After that they had four children Marie-Thérèse, Louis-Joseph, Louis-Charles and Sophie-Beatrix. However, Marie-Thérèse, was the only one who didn't die as a child.
Married at Fifteen
Louis XVI had been king since May 10, 1774. He was 20 years old when he was crowned. In the beginning of his rein he focused on religous movements as well as foreign policy. However, his downfall was when he had to face the rising debt and chose poorly in his way of dealing with it.
A Poor Ruler
Louis XVI had been living in Versailles when the people came and marched him back to Paris where he was eventually put in prison with his family. Later, on January 21, 1793, he was executed by guillotine. Only a few months later, on October 16, 1793, Marie-Antoinette met the same fate. Their only surviving child was released from prison in December, 1795. It washer family in Austria that freed her.

King Louis XVI is most remember as foolish and one of the first memorable people to be killed by a guillotine. His story lingers on to this day. As well as the good he did for America during the French Revolution.
A Miserable Death
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