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Cara Jackson

on 11 April 2016

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Vitamin & Mineral Activity
You will need TWO nutrition facts labels. You can use any of my random assortment or google a couple of your favorite food products. Whichever you pick, please make sure they have at least 12 ingredients included on the label. Follow the directions in the packet to complete a the table for each of the products.
inhibits oxidation

*Challenge to preserving phytochemicals
(harvest before ripened)

*Functional Foods
Food Constituent Test Review
1. Phytochemicals are a group of compounds produced by plants. Which compound is an example of phytochemicals?
a. fatty acids
b. flavonoid pigments
c. gums and gels
d. hydrates
2. Which food preparation tip has the MOST potential health benefits as a result of increasing levels of phytochemicals in the diet?
a. add citrus peel to baked goods
b. marinate lean meats
c. replace sugar with artificial sweeteners
d. substitute applesauce for oil in muffins and bread
3. Carotenes are a group of compounds that are phytochemicals. Which foods are good sources of carotenes?
a. collard greens
b. kidney beans
c. onions
d. strawberries
b i o a c t i v e c o m o n e n t

p o l y p e n o l s

i s o t h i o c a n a t e s

f u n c i o n a l f o o d

s a p n i n s

c r u i f e r o u s v e g e t a b l e

p h y t o c e m i c a l

c a r o t n o i d s

i s o e r

p h e n o l c a c i d s

c a r i n o g e n

t n n i n s

a l l y s u l f i d e s

p h y t o e t r o g e n s

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