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Presentation to seek funding for Offstage

Antonio Alejandro

on 25 November 2009

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Transcript of Offstage01

Antonio Alejandro Carmen Jiménez Autumm 2005 SuperGlue Inc "an intellectual active group
focussing on researching
on architecture and more..."
# ...presents: OffStage "the first publication project by
Superglue, as a result of an active interest in the roll of great anonimous teams and their contribution to XXc Architecture." Paris 1971
Pompidou Center Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers formed a team: Text holder for the team diagram....John Young,Chris Dawson... Superglue meets Chris Dawson ...and Offstage starts!!! Who is Chris Dawson? ENVIROLAB
L.A 1968 Beaubourg Team
Paris 1971 among many others... NASA DOME Houston Masterplan 1972 London 1994. South Park Masterplan Greenwich...RRP London 1996. Millenium Dome SEEKING FOR FUNDS OFFSTAGE VOL 2
Interview with Cheesman Sisters
& Carmen Pinos... OFFSTAGE VOL 3
Interview with Francisco Alonso IN PROCESS "A video documental about the story of forgotten ladies in XXc Architecture..." "A video documental about
the offstage story behind BBVA bd. Madrid" RESEARCHING &
...have an idea...
"why not?" an idea...
...researching toguether!!! ***
Design Competition CHRYSALIS CORP
OSAKA 1970 *
* Place holder for diagram man-force *
The end "This is a presentation project for the publication of set of documentaries that under the production of Superglue Inc. research on the idea of how "offstage" processes took place behind the most relevant Architecture of the XXc.
Offstage tryes to evaluate the interesting way in which anonimous teams, influences, interactions, even irreplaceable collaborations sometimes, determined strongly the great quality and potentials of some of the most celebrated buildings done during the XX c." Superglue seeks for funds to support this divulgation project. We are willing to hear any proposal Steve Martin's House. Hollywood Shaigon Airport Masterplan 1972 Teanching at UCLA Teanching at USC * * * * * * OFFSTAGE VOL 1
Interview with Chris Dawson ...and more coming!!! superglue60@gmail.com and more...
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