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transportation in Shakespearean times

No description

ivy ndambuki

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of transportation in Shakespearean times

Transportation in Shakespearean times
Only the rich could afford carriages
The wagons were basically platforms of wood with wheels for carrying heavy things.
Everything in London was walking distance
Most peasants traveled by foot, they would either wear leather sandals or go barefoot.
mules (cross between a horse and a donkey)
They were very useful when it is wet and windy.
Riding in carriages was considered unmanly so most men would rather walk than ride in a carriage.
Carriages were slow and clumsy and usually got into traffic jams
The muddy conditions on the cobblestone streets and human waste gave people infections.
It was shameful for rich people to walk
Most richer people used horses, middle class people used mules.
mini horse
fun fact
if you were traveling as a family only the dad got a horse and everyone else would have to ride baby horses.
In 1564 a man named Guilliam Boonen created a new and improved coach.
Coaches are way better carriages that have springs to absorb the impact from all the bumps on the road.
Riding in coaches or carriages
Riding an animal
Using a boat
richer people had more luxurious ways of transportation
before 1564 carriages were brutal to ride in.
people would use horses and mules and oxen
Transportation by boat wasn't very popular, but it was the cleanest.
People only used sailboats and rowboats when they needed to cross the Thanes river
If you didn't have a boat all you had to do was yell ho eastward or whatever direction you needed to go and you would be taken there for 1 cent.
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