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French province project

Amani Naimah

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Lorraine

By Amani, Brianna, and Natalia Rule of The Roman Empire Fall of The Roman Empire Treaty of Verdun Lorraine is Known for: Lorraine is one of the twenty-seven provinces in France. It is a region rich in history. Lorraine was once ruled by the Roman Empire and a few others. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was ruled by Kind Clovis of Merovingien and later on his son Therodric. King Therodia became the ruler of Austrasia increasing the land all around Lorraine. Lorraine became independent in 843 after the death of Kind Charlemagne. His kingdom was passed onto his three sons. It's food. They are famous for Munster AOC cheese, wines, quiche, clafoutis, tarts and soufflés. Population Lorraine The History of Lorraine Before the rule of the Roman Empire, Lorraine was home to two tribes: the Leuci and the Medomatrici. Lorraine was once a Belgium province. The treaty divided the kingdom into three equal parts. The treaty ended conflicted between the brothers. One son recieved the regions today known as Italy, the Low Countries, Alsace, Lorraine, and Burgundy. Another son was given Germany and the other one had France. Because of this Lorraine is the only French province bordered by three countries. Topography:

o Capital of Lorraine is Nancy. Nancy’s beautiful UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage square has a rich historical past, dating all the way back to 18th Century.
o Metz is the chief town of Lorraine. It is an industrial and commercial city. The provincial city is located on the east side of Moselle River, between Nancy and Luxembourg.
o Demographics Their rich history. Topography Topography The major body of water surrounding Lorraine is the Atlantic Ocean Many important rivers run through Lorraine, such as the Moselle, Meurthe, Meuse and Rhine! To the east of Lorraine is the Vosges Mountains. Their peaks have a soft round shape. This mountain range is the boundary between Lorraine and Alsace. It has a surface area of 23,547 square kilometers. Tourism Its population is 2.3 million people. The region has on average, 99. inhabitants per square kilometer. 25% of the population is younger than 20 years old, bjt because of the increased life expectancy and a drop in birth rates the figure is likely to change. •The region has 75 000 students located at 4 universities, 8 University Institutes of Technology, 16 engineering schools and 120 Laboratories. •Lorraine is one of the most diversified economies in France and has a working population of 1, 100, 000 people divided into the service sector (60 percent), industry sector (20 percent), trade (13 percent), construction (6 percent) and agriculture (1 percent). These contribute to the regional GDP of € 24 606 per capita. Recently the region has opened itself to other fields of activity such as automotive, electronics or plastics industries. Metz Place Saint Louis St. etienne cathedral Thanks for watching!!!!!!! :D
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