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Boulan Middle School iPad Expectations

No description

Christina Chatel

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Boulan Middle School iPad Expectations

year with your new iPads!
Leave your iPad in the classroom when you use a pass from your teacher.
Boulan Broncos iPad Expectations
Here are Boulan's ipad rules to live by!
Keep the iPad in your school-issued case. Never remove the case!
1. Bring iPad to school and to all classes every day.
Keep your charger in your backpack.
2. Bring your iPad to school fully charged.
3. iPads should remain off when not being used in class.
4. iPads should only be used for school-related activities.
5. Do not bring ipads into the restroom.
6. The iPad should remain with you at all times or be kept in your locker.
7. Do not bring your iPad to lunch.
8. The iPad camera is only to be used for school-related activities.
9. Remember that your iPad is property of the Troy School District.
No stickers, writing, or decorations!
10. Keep food and beverages away from your iPad at all times.
11. Immediately report lost, stolen, or damaged iPads to the office.
12. Remember that staff can and WILL inspect your iPad!!!
At any time!!
Do not let anyone else use your iPad!
The iPads should be in your teacher's designated area when not in use.
Put your iPads here!
Have an
No selfies!!!!!
No taking photos without permission!!!!
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