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The Inferno of Celebrities

No description

Shannia Coley

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of The Inferno of Celebrities

Before he becomes a bad influence on his fans, Macklemore is guided by Bill Gates through the ten circles of hell, where he is shown all the celebrities who were evil influences are damned. Ryan Lewis tags along also.
Circle I
Celebrities who never reached large levels of recognition. They must play for a seneless audience for eternity, hands bleeding, throat aching. Here they find the woeful members of
Lilak Sunset.
Circle II
The Carnals
Those who lust are in an endless demolition derby because they were driven by their lust and left destruction in their wake. Bill Clinton and Nadya Suleman are found here.
Center of Hell
The devil is portrayed by Nixon, who betrayed an entire nation by lying to them about the Watergate scandal, trying to cover it up, and still getting caught. Nixon is the ultimate betrayer of the people. He is chained at the bottom of the raging sea drowning forever.
Circle III
The Gluttons
Chris Christie and Rick Ross are here. They lived their life full and content and suffer in death with eternal bulimia. They sit and eat a massive Thanksgiving dinner, but are forced to never be satisfied.
Circle IV
The Hoarders and Wasters
They are trampled by Black Friday Crowds forever. Macklemore sees Li'l Wayne and Paris Hilton here. They lived in greed and in death are punished with the ultimate symbol of their avarice.
Circle V
The Wrathful and Sullen
Bill Gates points out Chris Brown and Pete Wentz stuck playing out an endless Call of Duty match.
The Sullen are forced to eternally play Call of Duty and the Wrathful are forced to act it out.
Circle VI
The Heretics
By not believing in the people, heretics condemn themselves to an eternity in a pitch black jail cell void of sights and sounds. Mel
Gibson and Tom Cruise.

Circle VII
The Fraudulent Thieves
Celebrities who stole from others, whether ideas or material items, are damned to an endless game of capture the flag in which their own body parts are the flags. Macklemore sees Steve Jobs and Lindsay Lohan here.
Circle IX
The Treacherous Against Family
Macklemore sees the Kenndeys and the Kardashians here, playing an endless
game of Family Feud.
Circle X
The Betrayers
Round I
The Betrayal of Followers
Bill Gates points out Jim Jones, the man who caused all of his friends to commit suicide, to Macklemore. He and the other sinners are trapped in a raging sea storm.
Circle VIII
Round II
The Betrayal of Fans
Justin Bieber is spotted here. He and the sinners betrayed their fans by causing more harm. They are struggling to stay afloat in the storm.
Round III
The Betrayal of the Federation
These sinners betrayed their federation.
Kony is trapped here. They are slowly
drowning, lost under the waves.
The Violent
By being violent by nature,
sinners such as Kurt Cobain and Boston Bombers are damned to an eternity of being bashed about in an endless mosh pit
By Ian, Shannia,Maryann, & Amari
Macklemore's Inferno
Morgan Freeman stands at the gates of Circle X as the Guardian of the worst offenders of hell
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