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Lisbon Olympics 2024

No description

morgan jack

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Lisbon Olympics 2024

Historic landmarks to compliment Olympic event
Only European capital located by beaches, as well as close to mountains and hills
A good transport system linking beaches to the heart of the city
Attracts tourists from major countries
Weather provides ideal conditions
Alto da Boa
Viagem now
Lisbon Olympics 2024
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
- Ideal landscape for both land & sea events
- Tolerable climate
- A politically stable government
- GDP total : $285.439 billion (2015 estimate)
- The city is the top contributor to the country's total GDP
- Never hosted before whilst neighboring countries have
Introduction to Lisbon
Is Lisbon capable of staging the games?
Lisbon's iconic sky line
Logo and
Lisbon's sunset
Lisbon's coast
Classic portuguese tiles
Portuguese flag colours
The mountain
ranges of Portugal
Green, gold, red
Olympic colours
Portugal's flag
Trees will be planted in an area twice that we take up
50% of the energy will be sustainable
Job oppurtunities as unemployment has grown from 11% to 16%
Over 27 percent of children under 16 in Portugal live in conditions of deprivation, we aim to focus on the youth.
Site Map (Main Stadium)
Events &Venues
At the olympic stadium → cycling, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, tennis...
At the stadium of the light → Football, rugby
At the Tagus river → Sailing, rowing (water sports)
At the Centro hipico → Equestrian

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