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No description

Manny Salazar

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Family

my friends are johann, nabill, and erick. johann is my best friend. hes fun ton hangout wiht. hes very quiet but can get carried away a lot. nabill is very competitive in games. erick is very cool. he is very funny.
these are my favorite games. pokemon alpha sapphire are almost the same except pokemon sun has different pokemons. in monster hunter you slay dragons and earn material to make armor and weapons
i love plants and convinced my mom to have pants inside the house.
Soccer Team
My soccer team name is Blazers
My prezi
Indoor training
cross fit
In cross fit we focus on building up strength than running and practicing soccer things.
indoor training is where we run a lot and practice on shooting and focus's on team work.
This is a picture of my family where we took the picture close to Christmas. my parents are very nice. my mom is sweet and tries her best to make me happy. my dad is very strict and gets mad easily but in over all my dad awesome. my brother is my favorite of the family. he helps me with homework, hangouts with me, and play games with me. my sister is like my dad. their both very strict but again, they're awesome.
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