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Chapters 6 & 7

No description

armando torres

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Chapters 6 & 7

Trace how you feel about various characters or races of people
No sympathy for Leonel Merbel even though he is about to die in plane crash
One can't help but to feel bad for the Polish because of what they went through during WW2
There is a good amount of sympathy for the German boy soldier, Gluck, because he was just a kid
What is the significance of the novel's title?
Slaughterhouse-Five was where he stayed in Dresden
He survives because he stayed in Slaughterhouse-Five, which is meant to be a place surrounded by death
How would you interpret the exchange between the surgeon and Billy?
The surgeon questions and harasses Billy because he believes that Billy is mocking his people and so Billy tries to be friendly with him, but the surgeon has it set in his mind that Billy wasn't being respectful. Billy, however, had no problem with the surgeon and basically brushed the incident off.
What other characters in the book resemble Paul Lazzaro?
The Blue Fairy Godmother, because they both tend to react with irrational violence and have a big mouth
Roland Weary, because they both look for revenge
Things are not often what they seem. Examples of these are
When Billy thinks that there is some sort of animal near him, but it's just a coat
The way time actually works
Chapters 6 & 7
Hanan Sumoro
What portrait of politics and political leaders does Vonnegut paint in this chapter?
In this chapter, Derby became the head American. This was only possible because nearly all of the other Americans were asleep and felt indifferent to the election and the Englishman in charge of the election favored Derby. Vonnegut paints the portrait that just because it's a democracy, that doesn't necessarily mean that it represented what the people wanted.
pg. 146
Armando Torres
Donna Diaz
Why does Vonnegut include the brief scene of the refugee girls in the shower?
He includes it to show the young age of most of the involved during the war and their innocence. The German soldier was 16 and the girls were all teenagers.
Why is Merble a machine, and do you see any evidence that points to the idea that Billy Pilgrim himself is a machine?
Merble has a sort of predetermined path of his life, according to the way that the Tralfamadorians see it and it's always going to follow along those lines
Billy stated in chapter 6 that he was supposed to die on a certain date and would always die on that date
In this chapter, Vonnegut inserts a variation on the death "hum." Explain the symbolism employed in this scene by Vonnegut.
What does the syrup in this chapter symbolize?
Vonnegut used a barbershop quartet as the plane crashed and nearly everyone on board died
The quartet entertains the people on the plane as they meet their death, this was their "comforting sound"
Chapter 6 Summary
Chapter 7 Summary
Lazzaro promises to get revenge on the Blue Fairy Godmother for laying hands on him
Lazzaro tells Billy that he's going to pay someone to shoot him in the future
Billy travels into the future where he is speaking on time and tells his audience that he will die because that day. He dies because of Lazzaro.
They are shipped off to Dresden into Slaughterhouse five
Billy, his father in-law, and almost 30 other people are in plane, which Billy knows will crash (this is 25 years after Dresden)
Only Billy and another person survive
Billy goes back to WW2 and the incident with the young German soldier and teenager girls is revealed
Syrup symbolizes hope and/or religion
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