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History of Computers

No description

Andrew Harman

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of History of Computers

History of Computers
1st Personal computer sold (Mark I)
1st Commercial Computer (Univac 1)
MIT develops keyboard input
Apple iPad released
Siri is introduced
Microsoft 365 is announced
3.5 Floppy Disk
MS-DOS released with IBM 5150
Apple introduces "Lisa" with GUI
Macintosh launched
C++ programing language launched
Complex Number Calculator by Bell Telephones
Atanasoff-Berry Computer Completed
Colossus designed to break Nazi Codes
William's Tube and 1st Program successful
Telex messaging network
Idea of Networking developed
Proof of Boolean Logic Design
Hewlett Packard Founded
IBM introduces 1400 series mainframe
Disk Storage Drives introduced
CDC 6600 Supercomputer introduced
BASIC programing language developed
Windows 3.0 released
World Wide Web is born in Switzerland
1st laptops introduced by Macintosh
CD-RW discs available
iMac computer launched
ATM's introduced
HP-35 Scientific Calculator available to public
1st video game released... Pong
Ethernet connectivity born
Apple 1 personal computer sold
1st camera phone
USB flash drives
Mac OSX released
Earth Simulator (fastest Super Computer)
Apple iPhone released
Andrew Harman
What I think is to come
Really small computers

Faster internet speeds
Less Desktops, More PC's
Apple II introduced
VCA game system from Atari
Computerss to White House
First LaserDisc (now CD's & DVD's
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