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Samsung Galaxy Gear

No description

Anthony Cheng

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Samsung Galaxy Gear

Common Features
Music Player
Cell Phone
Email Notification
GPS Navigation
Mobile Device Connectivity
Is there a market?
Samsung Galaxy Gear
Samsung's Galaxy Gear was inspired by the smart watch idea from Pebble, Inc. The Executive VP of Samsung's Mobile Division, Lee Young-hee, thought this was a brilliant idea. She could foresee that the smart watch market had future potential in the mobile industry, therefore Samsung Galaxy Gear was born in 2013.
How are we going market it
Why do you need to "GEAR" up
What is a Smart Watch?
Focus on many products.
Samsung depends on other companies for software.
Galaxy gear can only be used with Samsung smartphones
The variety of phone models can address a large market.
Growth of tablets market. (Galaxy Gear 2)
Increasing the luxury segment in mobile phones.
Fast technological evolution.
Competitors’ pricing.
Threat on design and quality.
go beyond traditional timekeeping functions
provide additional functionality through software
wearable computers in there own right
often run a mobile operating system
As of November 2013, Samsung controlled 77% of the mobile market. Which means consumers love Samsung product and lots of consumers would purchase/own a Samsung mobile products.

Since technology is growing rapidly, the next coming big thing would rely on devices that are:
access to Internet/database
easy to synchronize with any other mobile device
Operating System
Galaxy Gear
Stainless steel body
Plastic wristband available in multiple colours.
Gear 2 has a metallic body with a smoother surface
1.63" Super AMOLED display
Galaxy Gear
Battery lasts for 27 ~ 28 hours
800 MHz Processor
4 GB Internal memory + 512 MB Ram
Bluetooth 4.0
Accelerometer, Gyroscope sensors
Galaxy Gear
Galaxy Gear 2
Galaxy Gear 2
Battery lasts for 2~3 days
1.0 GHz dual-core processor
Added Heart Rate sensors
Bluetooth music player
Infrared added
Instant Notification
Galaxy Gear
Galaxy Gear 2
- Android 4.2.2
- Tizen
Easier to download applications from Google Play Store
user are more familiar with
more choice on applications
Galaxy Gear
Galaxy Gear 2
Galaxy Gear 2
Linux-based mobile OS
open source
higher potential on development
compatible with more Samsung devices
runs smoother
Not universal device compatible
Battery life can still improve
Comparing Products

Samsung Galaxy Gear Advantages

- Samsung has a bigger and higher resolution screen

- Highest RAM (512 MB) among smartwatches Selected

- Bluetooth 4.0

- Camera (1.9 megapixel camera)

- voice control and can answer calls with voice controls

- Splash Proof

- Fastest CPU speed among the other smartwatch products

Samsung Galaxy Gear

- Cost: $300

-Only 25 hours of battery life (while other have like 3-7 days of battery life)

-Only compatible with certain Samsung devices (while other devices can connect to other device like iPhone/Android devices)

4P Theory
Traditional methods
billboards, print, TV, online, etc.
Strongest during:
product launch time
price decreases
Focus on:
added value & convenience in day to day life
Exhibitions, trade fairs, other events
generate "buzz" and word-of-mouth promotion
Sales promotion:
Advertising price incentives to buy a Galaxy Gear with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone
focus on the synergy of the two devices
Overall selective distribution
Two main outlets for distribution and sale
Retail stores
technology oriented
physical or online
selective distribution
Mobile carriers
Galaxy Gear to go with smartphones
intensive distribution
Only works with certain Samsung devices (S3, S4+S4 Mini, Note 3)
Shorter battery Life
Water proof but not dive proof.
Convenience & mobility
filling a consumer need
Variety & choice
style, colour, price
More open platform?
potential new customers
Short life cycle
fairly new market
Galaxy Gear - $199
Galaxy Gear 2 - $329
Galaxy Gear Fit - $199
Galaxy Gear Neo - $219

Pebble - $150
Pebble Steel - $249
Sony SmartWatch - $199
Value to the customer
Luxury product
still viable
provide cheaper alternatives
Life cycle pricing
older = cheaper
Rebates? Discounts?
Open source OS that is widely accepted by other software.
Quality engineered and produced hardware
Environment friendly.
- 1.9 MP
- Take pictures/record video
- 720p video recording
- located on strap
- 2.0 MP
- Take pictures/record video
- 720p video recording
(@ 30FPS)
- located on body
Samsung's products are widely used in the mobile market and consumers are more likely to purchase Samsung's mobile products than those of its competitors. Samsung's Galaxy Gear series is in a position to take advantage of opportunities in the smart watch market and satisfy consumer needs.

Our marketing plan will allow Samsung to capitalize on these opportunities and ensure the success of its smart watch product line.
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