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Algonquin Indian Wysoccan Ceremony

No description

Christina Pellizzari

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Algonquin Indian Wysoccan Ceremony

Algonquin Indian Wysoccan Ceremony

Side Effects
Short Term:
- Violent behaviour
- Disconnected from reality
- Nausea
- Seizures
- Increased heart rate

Long Term:
- Vivid hallucinations
- Permanent memory loss
- Forget how to speak
- Forget their identity
- Death
Age + Characteristics
- 16 years old males
- Young men of the Algonquin Indians are taken to a secluded area in a forest to drink a plant mixture called Wysoccan
- After drinking this mixture, the boys are forced to stay secluded for 20 days

Symbolic Significance
- Affects the chemical messengers from the brain to the nerves
- This drug was meant to force all of the childhood memories out of boys head
- Childhood memories were a sign of weakness and immaturity
- If boys showed recognition towards their childhood after returning to the village, they were taken back and given a second dose

- Native Canadian inhabitants of North America
- Nine tribes live in Quebec, one tribe in Ontario
- The tribe is estimated to be about 2000 years old and settled in Quebec in 1613

Social Back Round
- Patriarchal society
- Wife would live with husbands family
- During winter, large groups live togeather
- During summers, groups split apart
- They still practice traditional activities such as fishing, hunting, etc.
- Wysoccan is an extremely dangerous hallucinogen derived from Jimson Weed that is said to be 100 times more powerful than LSD.
- Jimson Weed is a 3 to 5 foot green plant with large soft leaves, has walnut sized seeds that are often covered in spikes, and distinctive trumpet like white-cream colored flowers that emit an unpleasant smell.
Comparing Cultures
- Algonquin culture considers childhood memories bad as they make people weak and immature
- Our culture believes that we grow and develop from our memories and that our childhood experiences shape who we become in regards to beliefs, traditions, opinions, etc.
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