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Realism: Tactics and Devices in A Doll's House

No description

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Realism: Tactics and Devices in A Doll's House

Objective 1: Define Realism with comparison to surrealism
Realism: Tactics and Devices in
A Doll's House
Realism: Tactics and Devices in
A Doll's House

Analyzing Dialogue: Devices
: ordinary people and events
: truthful presentation of life
: middle class, psychological realism
: often deemphasized, slice of life technique
: man control's his destiny, man's limited ability to comprehend his world
: Dream
: transcend logic and delve deeper into consciousness
: experience dreams and hallucinations, far from "real-life"
: entwined with dream, makes audience question truth
: order and logic must be transcended to discover greater meaning
Aspects of Realism within ADH
The Realist Ending
A Doll's House
Kafka on the Shore
Objective 2:Demonstrate How Ibsen's work complies with realism through dialogue and present a realistic interpretation of the ending of text.
Bonjour, Monsiuer Courbet
, 1854 by Gustave Courbet
The Third Class Wagon
1862-64 by Honore Daumier
, 1865
Metamorphosis of Narcissus
by Savador Dali
The Elephant Celebes
, 1921 by Max Ernest
Reply to Red
by Yves Tanguy
Scene-by-Scene Construction:
no summary or lengthy description, all action
every scene presented through the eyes of a character
Recording Small Details:
to add reality, but often a means of expression of the status characters think they have
Realistic Dialogue
• Pauses
• Stage Directions
• Exclamation/vernacular
• Tone
• Punctuation
• Syntax
• Stichomythia
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