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The Rise of ISIS

No description

Jeremiah Sehorn

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of The Rise of ISIS

The Rise of ISIS
ISIS, or Islamic Itate in Iraq and Syria, is one of the newest terrorist organizations, yet it has managed to draw concern from the United States. I am interested in why ISIS has been able to do so.
Literature Review
Most of the literature review will be pertaining to the on-going conversation concerning terrorism, the nature of U.S. foreign policy regarding terrorism, and the media's role in agenda setting and it's effects of U.S. foreign policy
To best complete the rersearch, process tracing will lend itself most helpfull in identifying which aspect of ISIS makes it draw such attention from the U.S. foreign policy makers.

Research Question
What facets surrounding ISIS, or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, caused the re-prioritization in U.S. foreign policy that placed ISIS at the forefront of new U.S. foreign policy objectives?
Dependant variable: U.S. foreign policy

Independent variables: Funding of ISIS, Region of operation, targets of terrorism, agenda setting of American Media.
Region of Operation
To operationalize the region of ISIS's operation, I will use most similar systems and cross examine ISIS to Bako Haram.
To operationalize ISIS's targets, I will use aggregate data gathered on the people of focus in ISIS's attacks and compare that with aggregate data on the targets other similar terrorist organizations.
Media Role's
I will use content analysis with the Lexis/Nexis database to see the timing and frequency of the U.S.'s media's coverage of ISIS and compare that to the timing and frequency of President's addresses concerning ISIS
Expected Findings
I expect to find that the main aspect surrounding ISIS that led to it garnering such attention from the U.S. will be its region of operation.
ISIS's Funding
To operationalize ISIS's funding in the role of it aiding them in getting the attention of the U.S., I will use aggregate data collected on ISIS's funding and compare it to other terrorist organizations that currently have the U.S.'s attention.
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