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MNMN 2016

No description

Shawna Maryanovich

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of MNMN 2016


- All are Encouraged to Join
Promote the conditions for Montessori education to flourish by cultivating and coordinating connection of Montessorians in Minnesota and Minnesotans to Montessori through outreach and education, networking, professional development, and advocacy within and beyond the Minnesota Montessori community
Generative Sustained Montessori Network for MN
From "BIG WORK" to Goal-Driven
Strategic Plan
Deep careful reflection on our
vision and mission resulted in detailed
goal-setting, strategy definition, and
2016 objectives
MNMN Target Operating Model
Long Range Communication Plan
Minnesota Montessori Network

Connection and Communication are Paramount
Through Active Engagement with Others and the Process, We Each Contribute Our Unique Gifts to Our Collective Effort
All Work is Geared Towards Meaning and Movement
To One Another and the Environment in Which We Work; We Seek Feedback to Guide Our Efforts
The seed to our foundation was Montessori organizations joining together to form a new initiative with a key objective to create coalitions in every state.
In response, Minnesota Montessorians worked together to form the
Minnesota Montessori Network
to connect Montessorians in Minnesota and Minnesotans to Montessori
The Montessori Public Policy Initiative
The Minnesota Montessori Network is a collaborative community promoting education that nurtures the development of the whole child, from infancy to adulthood, as envisioned by Dr. Maria Montessori, and substantiated by current research. We strive to invite engagement, coordinate efforts and enhance connections among parents and families, alumni, educators, professionals, schools, universities, organizations, media, and government to collectively safeguard and nurture the developmental needs of our state's children
There are no membership fees to join. Every person with an interest in the well-being of children is welcome to participate in any network activities regardless of age, affiliation, experience, or knowledge of Montessori education.
Who We Are
Montessori education options are so widely available, easily accessible, and well-understood that every Minnesota family has the opportunity to choose Montessori education from birth through high school, and has the knowledge to make an informed decision with their child.
501c3 Formation
Subscriber/Member Relationship and Data Management System
Funding sustainability
Governance that is efficient and maintains integrity of the organization’s foundation
LT, Support Teams, School Rep Job Descriptions
Our Present Focus is NOT to:
~Certify or Credential Teachers
~Accredit Schools
~Require Membership
~Initiate or incubate Schools
~Evaluate Authenticity
~Conduct or Sponsor Scholarly Research
~Offer Grants or Financing
~Promote/Represent Specific Schools or Practitioners
MPPI's mission is to create a groundswell of activism through the establishment and support of grassroots advocacy coalitions, working together toward the shared goal of advancing Montessori through public consensus, shared interests, and efforts at the local, state and federal levels of public policy.
Communities of Practice for knowledge sharing and support
Grassroots Legislative Advocacy for Diverse Delivery Methods in Early Childhood Funding
Quarterly Meetings with Summer Uncounference
Facebook Group with professional development and job opportunity sharing
2015: A Fruitful Year!
MNMN Website 2.0
with events, resources, school listing and a hub for activity and identity
Montessori Education Week coordinated statewide celebration and publicity
MN State Fair with amazing exhibit, reach, connection, and inspiration
Volunteering together to serve the community and the larger publicity of Montessori
Practiced Key Skills:
1. One voice
2. Brand identity
3. Urgent Response
4. Partnerships
5. Media
Newsletters and facebook for meaningful and timely information
MNMN Strategic Goals
1. Generative sustained Montessori Network for Minnesota

2. Legislation that supports Montessori education and access

3. Funding that supports access to Montessori education

4. Exponentially more Montessori programs across the State

5. Organized and passionate advocates active to promote Montessori as a vital education option

6. Practitioners supported and thriving in their practice

7. Key Resources connected and engaged to support Montessori education and access

8. Accurate understanding of Montessori throughout residents of the state
Legislation that supports Montessori education and access
Build Relationships with Organizations and Lobbyists
Develop "Relationship Strategy" and Execute first steps
Build plan and educate network on it - implement SMS alerting
Develop generative strategy for building ongoing relationships between schools, parents, and MNMN to Legislators
2016 – Early Learning Funding only, with Licensure on the agenda only as MACTE drives
Develop a model and execute a pilot of the approach
Build Relationships with Legislators
Define Annual Legislative Prioritization Process
Implement a Legislative Communication Plan
Define Long Term Legislative Objectives
Establish Legislative Support Team
Execute focused Network expansion on retirees, parents, etc. that can be present during work day and ‘on call during
Funding that supports access to Montessori education
Improve public funding equity for all programs
Publish opportunities for funds development (donors, grants, etc.)
Publish all available training and collect/publish easily accessible information
Ensure all Montessori schools are trained to access all available public funds to improve program access
Grant identification and writing support
Scholarship/Endowment Fund Growth
Support maximum public education funding from State that is accessible for Montessori implementations
Organized and passionate advocates active to promote Montessori as a vital education option
Expand the Network
Exponentially more Montessori programs across the State
Drive this topic at the first annual MPPI Retreat
Replicable Model to expedite founding Montessori Schools
Repository of school founding resources and funding sources
Drive MPPI to deliver examine how to support Montessori school growth as a National service to States
Personal contact and meaningful connection from MNMN to every school
Ensure all advocates understand the context of the larger mission/vision
Reps for every school
Implement ways to grow parent subscriber base
4x MNMN “press release” to each school’s community newsletter
Practitioners supported and thriving in their practice
Grow # of trained practitioners
Promote training centers and training dollars
Support current practitioners
Promote the career in Montessori education (target early college/late HS)
Promote state licensure from MACTE partnership (on MACTE timeline)
Know Your 5 Practitioner to Practitioner connection
Outstate telepresence to meetings
Key Resources connected and engaged to support Montessori education and access
Connection to aligned organizations
Connection to families, especially in underserved communities
Connection to those interested in expanding access
Connection to alumni and families
Connection with in Education Community
Accurate understanding of Montessori throughout residents of the state
State Fair 2016
Determine Funding to ensure viability
Montessori Education Week
School community sign-ups before school releases in spring
Schools publicly share their plan on website proactively and photos
Define predecessor steps necessary to position this strategy for execution in 2017
Montessori Open House
State Fair MNMN Booth “in a box”
Improvements based on community feedback
Governor declares the week publicly
Press release and PSA and liaison/management by MNMN
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