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Brooklynne Nalepa

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of BIOMES

The Deciduous Forest
The Deciduous Forest is located in the Eastern part of the United States.
The location of the Tundra is the Extreme Northern and Southern pole.

The climate of the Tundra is Frigid most of the years and then short cool summer's.
Zones of Life
The climate of the Deciduous Forest is temperate.Which means it never gets too hot or too cold
The Deciduous Forest
The oak tree has broad leaves to trap in sunlight
A fox has fur to stay warm in the winter
The Tundra
Has fur to keep warm in the winter's
The Caribou is a big carnavour
The Tundra River

The Taiga has long cold winters,short cool summers,constant snow cover
The Taiga's location is in Canada
The Taiga
Have leave's all year to produce food all year
Can survive on a diet of pine needle's
The Grasslands
The world location of the Grasslands is Central United States (breadbasket.
The climate of the grasslands is Temperate in most regions.Cold winter's,warm summer's and uneven precipitation.
Praire Dog
Praire dog's have sharp claw's to dig burrows.
Blue Stem Grass

Can live in alot of different soils
The world location of the desert is the Southwestern United States.
The climate is in the U.S.A we have cool desert's.It has milder temperature's compared to desert's around the world.The desert has Hot/dry days and very cold nights.

Creosote Bush

Have small waxy leave's to hold in water.
Kangaroo Rat
Survives on the water it gets from the seeds and roots it eats.
The climate of the rainforest is high temperatures and a large amount of rain found by the equator.
The world location of the rainforest is along the equator.
Other environmental factors in the rainforest is there are more kinds of living things in the TR than in all the biomes.
A epiphyte grows on other plants to get light.
A sloth has algae on it to camoflauge in the tops of trees (hide).
GO Green
Hang your clothes outside turn off the lights when you are done.
HURRY its not to late to Go Green.
Save the Earth.
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