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No description

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of URBAN TRIBES

The Skater associated with street culture, and under the name of the sport is a broad culture. The skating has developed a great attraction and interest to many. A 2002 report to the American Sports Data estimated the number of skaters is 13.5 million worldwide. Of these 80% have lower ages at 18, of which 74% are men. The skate is also seen as a form of personal expression, as each skater has his style.
Usually understood as a geek to a person who prefers concentration, dedication to their interests, work or hobbies, which usually are technological, and imagination rather than other issues perhaps understood by ordinary, such as can be search a degree of social acceptance, or at least unconventional social acceptance
The term otaku fanaticism does not speak exactly for anime and manga but comes from the expression o (That article is an honorific) and taku (meaning house) is, in a nutshell Otaku accurately describes a person who holds great of the time at home for their fanaticism by some hobbie, however Otaku today stopped being a universal word to become the word to describe the fan manga and Japanese animanción (Anime)
The gamer would be a type of video game players (gamer) having great passion and interest in playing video games and know about
Used as an ironic description of the critical substrate or dissatisfaction containing this music. When used as own label, "Punks" (or "punks" distance themselves from the adjustment to the social roles and stereotypes.

+1325-337 Geek, freak, Geeks, or freak freak who originally comes from the English (meaning strange, extravagant or bizarre), is a term used in Spanish the person's appearance or behavior than usual, interested or obsessed with a particular topic or hobby which is considered fanatical.
Rastafarianism is not just a religion, but a lifestyle. Rastafarians are protesting against, poverty, oppression and inequality ..... not just religious ideas but global problems
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