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No description

Grace Fitz

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Cuba

Raul Castro is the president of Cuba.
Raul is the 16th president.
Cuba is a communist country.
Before Raul was president, his brother Fidel was President!
By: Grace Fitzgerald
Cuba generally has a very humid climate.
More than 60% of rain fall happens during the wet season which is from May to October.
The most humid time of day is during the morning and the afternoon.
Average temperature is 26-28 degrees Celsius (not including humidity).
In the summer, Cuba has very intense heat, but in Winter it is like summer in Toronto.
Cuba has a hurricane season which ranges from June through November.
That means that there is no class system.
Cubans usually do a salsa dance.
Their music is very spanish-like.
The instruments that they usually use are:
- pianos, bongos, trumpets, trombones, maracas, acoustic guitars, flutes, saxophones, and the violin.
Cuban Cuisine is a mix of Taino, Spanish, African, and Caribbean food. (Taino is a culture that is in South America)
Some Cuban recipes use the same techniques as Spanish and African food, but have a flavor of the Caribbean in them.

An industry is the manufacturing of goods and services in an economy.
Cuban industries include nickel/cobalt, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, cement, and sugar.
Cuba is known for its tobacco farms.
Traditions/ Religions
In Cuba, there are no NATIVE traditions, because Spaniards went to Cuba, and they mixed with the native Cubans. Then later, black slaves went to Cuba from Africa and mixed with the "Spanish-Cubans". In result, there is a mix of traditions. In Cuba, New Years Eve is a VERY big thing. They have a lot of shows and parades.

Cuba also has a MIX of religions, but the most common religion is Christian ism.
Cuba has many Trading partners. Cuba mostly trades with Mexico, China, Canada, and The Netherlands. Cuba's major exports are fish/shellfish, sugar, coffee, tobacco, fruits, and medical products.

International Trade
Cuba's major imported goods are
petroleum, machinery, and chemicals.
Questions or
Cuba has about 11.164 million people
Cuba is 109,884 km squared.
Cuba's capital is Havana, which is in the west part of Cuba.
Cuba is the largest Island in the Caribbean.
Cubans speak spanish.
There are 60 different cities in Cuba.
Communism means that everybody lives by the same means. So, everybody is very poor and does not get paid a lot for what they do as a career.
Cuba's Coat of Arms
Cuban Flag
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
+Snacks and Drinks
Breakfast: Lots of eggs are served with rice or toast. Toast was most often served with marmalade or jam, as butter can be hard to find because Cubans cannot afford it. Some mornings rice and black beans would be served. Fruit is often served with breakfast. Oranges and bananas are the fruit that is served with breakfast. Fruit Juice also is what you would drink with breakfast

Lunch: A typical cold lunch is a piece of cooked ham on a roll. Lunches are often warm, and common dishes are rice and beans, black bean soup, and tamales. Lunch is most often eaten on the fly, much as it is here. You would drink soft drinks or water with your lunch.
Dinner: Dinner is the main meal, just like here. Dinner would consist of a lot of different vegetables. Green beans, corn, black beans, chicken, and white rice would be a general dinner. You would normally have water with your dinner, but the adults can have beer with their dinner.
Deserts: Sweetened fruit, fried dough sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon sugar (churros), flan, and custards made with fruit.
Thanks for listening! (And watching!!)
A Cuban Beach!

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