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Copy of Geyluv by Honorio Bartolome De Dios

“Masakit ang ma-reject. Lalo na’t nag-umpisa kayo bilang magkaibigan. Nasawi ka na sa pag-ibig, guilty ka pa dahil you have just betrayed a dear friend and destroyed a beautiful friendship.”

Charlie Serafica

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Geyluv by Honorio Bartolome De Dios

Honorio Bartolome De Dios
Mike was first known by Benjie in a party of media companies. Then they had a project in Zambales; then two became close too each other.
Once in a while they drink, they watch movies and just eat together outside, after office hours. One time, while in the bar, Benjie told Mike that he loves him. They did not talk about all night after that.
"It hurts to be rejected. Especially if you began as friends. Been unfortunate in love, and now you're feeling guilty because you have just betrayed a dear friend and destroyed a beautiful friendship. "
Benjie is a kind of "bitchy-bitchy gay", because he does not want to get hurt again. This is also the reason why he was afraid to have commitment to any other guy, again
By the time Mike and Benjie are really close, Mike and Carmie just separated recently.
They decided to live together in the same house (Benjie's apartment) to better understand what they really want to happen with their relationship.
Bulacan native writer named Honorio Bartolome de Dios. He was earlier opened into the world of homosexuality. He studied in a seminary where he realized what he would do with his life. Thus, he begins the search of his true identity. He went through many difficulties but he tried to continue his journey towards deeper conception to homosexuality and its place in our society. He demonstrated to his works, the life faced by gay in the judgmental, exploitative, and patriarchal society that we have.
-Benjie (Geyluv)
Prepared by:
Charlemagne P. Serafica
1. Mike – a major character. The author of the story (Honorio Bartolome de Dios). He is a journalist who volunteered in covering the news on the Mt. Pinatubo explosion aftermath. He is also one of the focal characters of the story. He liked Benjie ever since and kept it only by himself. He cannot tell whether he is gay or not because of his admiration to Benjie.
2. Benjie – a major character and a focal character as well. A project officer of an NGO. He is a “bitchy, bitchy” admitted gay who fell in love with Mike secretly and he was the first one to confess after their deep friendship.
3. Joana – a minor character. Benjie’s officemate who was always bugging Mike because of her interest in his life.
4. Carmi – a minor character. Mike’s last girlfriend for two years (now, ex-girlfriend) who was also working with them in the Mt. Pinatubo scenario. She was introduced to Benjie and she looked more beautiful than Carmi Martin. Benjie was doubtful of Mike not yet having gotten over Carmi.
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