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Ohio Northern University Promises

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Katee Johnson

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Ohio Northern University Promises

Ohio Northern University Promises
The Ohio Northern Promise
Ohio Northern University President Daniel DiBiasio recently announced a new initiative called The Ohio Northern Promise. This promise ensures an affordable, high-quality education for bright young students and their families. The initiative aims to lower student debt, sustain academic quality and prepare students for career success.
A Different Approach
We asked Ohio Northern University students on campus about their "ONU Promise" back to the University, incoming students and the rest of the ONU community.

Here's what they had to say...
The Ohio Northern Promise stresses four key components:
1. A 20-25 percent reduction in tuition rates
2. A four-year graduation guarantee
3. High-impact, hands-on learning for every major
4. Sustained job placement and graduate and professional school admissions rates for graduates
Key components
The Ohio Northern Promise is a bold but necessary move that aims to combat the financial struggles of higher education students and their families in the midst of today's economic downturn. The Ohio Northern promise ensures a more affordable education while sustaining academic excellence.
Why The
Ohio Northern Promise?
"I promise to lead by example in the classroom and on the volleyball court."
Jeni, senior public relations major/marketing minor
"I promise, as a student employee of the Freed Center for the Performing Arts, to work diligently and teach new students the ways of the trade."
Levi, junior engineering major/communications minor
"I promise to donate to the University after I graduate. I want to help future ONU students the same way I was helped during my time here."
Chahdael, senior psychology major
"I promise to share the knowledge I've gained from my pharmacy classes and educate the public about medicine."
Katie, junior pharmacy major/business administration minor
"I promise to challenge myself academically and become a better student."
Mitchel, sophomore accounting major
"I promise to find an internship before I graduate so I can gain real-world experience."
Emily, freshman biochemistry major
"I promise to pay off my student loans as quickly as possible."
Kirk, junior public relations major/political science minor
"I promise to be an enthusiastic and encouraging leader on campus."
Mariah, junior management major
"I promise to someday improve infrastructure in underdeveloped regions of America."
Cam, junior engineering major
"I promise to continue volunteering through my sorority in the local community."
Kelsi, junior public relations major/ multimedia journalism minor
"I promise to assist in the production of high-quality, entertaining performances at the Freed Center for the Performing Arts."
Ethan, senior international theatre production/creative writing major
At Ohio Northern University, it's more than just a promise...

According to Affordable Colleges Online, ONU ranks third in financial return on investment among Ohio schools, but it's about more than economics.
The emotional return on investment is just as high. At Ohio Northern, it’s easy to feel like you’re part of the family.
Ask anyone here –
we promise they’ll tell you the same.

"I promise, as a student worker at the McIntosh Center information desk, to greet every campus visitor with a smile."
Kathlyn, junior public relations major/political science minor
"I promise to someday write stories that foster imagination and inspire children all over the world."
Jim, senior musical theatre/creative writing major
"I promise to ethically apply my engineering knowledge and continuously strive to serve the public interest after I graduate from ONU."
Caleb, senior engineering major
Dedicated faculty, hands-on learning experiences and high student involvement help these promises become reality.
Photo credit: onu.edu
Photo credit: onu.edu
Photo credit: onu.edu
Photo credit: onu.edu
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