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The Adaptations of the Crocodile

By Gabriel Reynolds

Kylie Baines

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Adaptations of the Crocodile

The Adaptations of
the Crocodile By Gabriel Reynolds Physical Adaptations A physical adaptation is where the body structure of a species is changed to help it survive. Here's a few physical adaptations that are important to the Crocodile! Tail- -Helps with swimming by acting
like a rudder Scales- -Prevents water loss by absorbing liquid -Allows good camouflage Snout- -Cleverly placed to allow perfect submergence in the water Bonus Fact- The biggest Crocodile in the world is called Lolong. It reaches a astounding 6.17 metres long! Behavioral Adaptations Unlike physical Adaptations, this type of Adaptations change the animal's behavior, not physical structure. Here's a few that are important to the Crocodile! Breath holding- -Crocodiles can hold up their breath for up to an hour Basking- -Is when Crocodiles continuously switch locations for heat Bonus Fact- Crocodiles can live up to 70 years! Quiz- Test your knowledge! 1: What is the longest Crocodile in the world called? 2: How do scales assist Crocodiles? 3: How long can a Crocodile hold their breath for? 4: What is the advantage of having a snout if you're a Crocodile? Answers: 1: Lolong 2: They absorb water and provide camouflage 3: 1 hour 4: It lets you become perfectly submerged in water Thanks for watching! By Gabriel Reynolds 5: Are Crocodiles related
to birds more closely then
snakes and lizards? 5: Yes Bonus fact- Crocodiles are related
to birds more then they
are to snakes and lizards! Stones- -Crocodiles eat stones to balance their
digestive system
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