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The Fall of Rome

No description

brooke white

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of The Fall of Rome

The Fall of Rome
Weakening Frontiers
Social Problems
Economic Problems
Political Instability
Weakening Frontiers
Too large to defend
Tribes along the borders of the empire began pushing borders and violating peace treaties
Weak and under supplied military
Military lacked strong leadership

Social Problems
High unemployment.
Rome could not afford to feed it's poor.
Businesses moved out of Rome because they weren't making money.
Without businesses there were no jobs.
People began to care less and less about their loyalty to the empire because of lack of political leadership.
Political Instability
A long series of Emperors were living short lives due to assassinations. Most taking power for only a year each.
26 emperors in 50 years, and all but 1 was assassinated.
Each time an emperor took power, new laws were introduced. This led to instability.
Rome never solved its problem of how to appoint new leadership.
Empire divided into Western and Eastern halves to make rule easier.
The West could not rely on the east for trade, food, supplies, or financial aid.
Wealth in the west eventually dried up.
Economic Problems
Rome could not afford to feed it's people
Rising number of unemployment meant a greater number of homeless and poor needing assistance
Widening gap between rich and poor = no middle class
What Factors Led to the Fall of Rome?
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