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british culture for kids

carmen lopez

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of britain

people migrate from the continent to the island. UK TODAY *Britain is invaded by the Romans (43AD)

*The city of LONDINIUM is founded (50AD)

*The Iceni tribe revolt against the Romans is lead by Boudicca (61AD)

*Hadrian's Wall, a wall on the Scottish border, is built (122-128AD)

*Scotland is conquered by the Romans (140AD) ROMAN BRITAIN The Saxons left their homelands in
Northern , , and Northern
and rowed across the North Sea on boats to Britain. ANGLO-SAXON ENGLAND *The Vikings invade Britain looking for land and food (793AD)
*Alfred The Great defeated the Vikings inWessex
*The Vikings keep to the East, the Dane Law. THE VIKINGS
Member of NATO and the EU
English worlds 2nd language They divided the island into kingdoms except for , Scotland Wales Cornwall and THE NORMANS GEORGIAN (INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION) 1714-1837 American independence from Britain (1776)
Industrial Revolution
First convicts are sent to Australia
Act of union with Ireland (UNITED KINGDOM)
Lord Nelson defeats Napoleon at Trafalgar
Slavery is abolished VICTORIANS (1837-1901) Queen Victoria
Buckingham Palace adopted as official royal residence
The British Empire
Population from the village to the city
Discovery of disinfectant
End of child labour and school for everyone 20TH CENTURY WWI
The Commonwealth
Irish Independence (1920)
Queen Elizabeth the 2nd
UK enters the EU Westminster Abbey is completed Stonehenge *Battle of Hastings, the Normans invade Britain(1066)

*Oxford University is founded (1167)

*Magna Carta is signed by King John (1215)

*Hundred Years War with France(1337-1453)

*Black Death, bubonic plague killed half of the population (1348) Bayeaux tapestry Domesday Book STUARTS Guy Fawkes tries to blow up parliament
Union Flag (Scotland and England)
Pilgrim Fathers to America on the Mayflower
Civil War (Oliver Cromwell)
The Great fire of London TUDORS (1485-1603) *The War of the Roses
*Henry 8th forms the Church of England
*Elizabeth I rules for 45 years
*Sir Francis Drake voyages to the West Indies
*The English defeat the Spanish Armada (1588)
*East India Company forms Shakespeare writes and performs Poems
Plays Guy Fawkes
burnt in
Bonfirenight World sixth economy
Fourteen overseas territories Hadrian's wall
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