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5 Miles

No description

Abby Watts

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of 5 Miles

Closest Location
Out of all 5 locations, World's of Fun is the closest. It is exactly 5 miles away from Discovery Middle School.

The Money
Since World's of Fun is the closest and the bus charges exactly $8.00 per mile, the total for transportation would be $40.00 to get to World's of Fun. The other places costs at least $72.00 or more.
The Field Trip!
By looking at what people voted for, the top field trip location is World's of Fun!!! It had 12 first pick votes which was the most out of all of them.

We think that each student should have to pay $45.00 to get in. This is the actual amount that it costs to get into the amusement park. But since World's of Fun is so popular, some kid's will already have a season pass that allows them to get in for free in advance.
Top Three Location Choices
Besides World's of Fun being the number one choice location, the second choice was Snow Creek with 8 votes and then in third was the KC Zoo with 12 votes! These three are all good field trips to go on but World's of Fun is the clear winner!
Thanks for Watching!
Hit it Elizabeth!
Field Trip Project
By: Lucy, Elizabeth, Abby, and Matthew
We hope you agree with us and join us on our field trip to World's of Fun!!
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