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This prezi deals with multiculturalism, what it is and some of the subtopics such as stereotypes and prejudices.

Ethan Hansen

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism, What is Multiculturalism? "Multiculturalism is the acceptance or promotion of multiple ethnic cultures, for practical reasons and/or for the sake of diversity and applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place, usually at the organizational level, e.g. schools, businesses, neighborhoods, cities or nations." Advocates extending equality to distinct ethnic and religious groups without promoting any specific ethnic, religious, and/or cultural community values as central. Often contrasted with the concepts of assimilationism and social integration. Why is Multiculturalism Important? It allows people to truly express who they are within a society
More tolerance of different cultures
allows individulas to adapt better to social issues
Without a proper understanding of other cultures stereotypes and prejudices develop.
What are Stereotypes and Prejudices? Stereotypes involve generalizations about the "typical" characteristics of members of the groups.
Prejudices are attitudes toward the members of some group based solely on their membership in that group (can be positive or negative)

Discussion Questions Why is multiculturalism important in the United States?
How do you feel about the idea that every culture has something to offer? Explain and give examples.
Why do we not think about stereotyping or prejudice?
Is there a reasonable explanation for these behaviors?
What can we do to eliminate these behaviors?
Is it reasonable to assume that these behaviors can be eliminated?
Questions or Comments? If you have any questions,
comments, or need clarification now is the time to ask! Stereotyping Examples Prejudice Examples play until 1:50 because of strong language Stereotyping, and prejudice Sources http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_66/1150733298yS48BM.jpg
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