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The Life of A Soldier-Thomas Garber

No description

Evana Onakoya

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of The Life of A Soldier-Thomas Garber

Thomas Garber
Thomas Garber was about 16 years old and was living in Virginia near the beginning of the Shadow of the Valley battle.He was a confederate soldier and was part of the 10th Regiment 7th Calvalry and his rank was private.
Life in Camp
Thomas Garber wrote two letters one to sister, Addie, and the other to his father, Albert, about camp life. To his sister he wrote about how the soldiers had to sleep under the trees the first night because their tents ,which were on wagon, had not arrived yet. Also he wrote to her about seeing one or two Yanks being brought into camp. To his father wrote about the food they ate in camp for dinner one night.
Thomas Garber had
The Life of A Soldier-Thomas Garber
By: Evana Onakoya
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