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the CMS

An Overview of Content Management Systems

Wayne Anderson

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of the CMS

the CMS What is it? PHP SQL Database HTML - CSS - Javascript We have great new resources! What are the Characteristics? Add, change, or delete information via a web interface. Automation of links & navigation Multi-User Support Consistency Support Add-ons & Modules Separate Content & Style Best For Sites With: Multiple Contributors
Consistent Look and Feel is Important
Need for Advanced Functionality (without programing resources) What does it look like? Choosing Drupal http://www.profilesinhistory.com/ http://sustainableharvest.com/ http://imaginingindia.com/ http://sina.salek.ws/ Benefits Challenges Good Combo of Flexibility & Ease of Use Proven and Secure Extensive Support Community Need Server Access
Knowledge of PHP, SQL database, cron
Design Bias: Columns, Menus, User Profiles When it's overkill
sites don't change much
sites that don't take advantage of its features
when simpler solutions exist

If technical knowledge is limited
On very high-traffic or mission-critical sites When to Avoid Drupal Content Management System wCMS = Web Content Management System OR The Tour cc photo by AndiH on Flickr cc photo by syrialooks on Flickr cc photo by StormCrypt on Flickr cc photo by Claudio_Ar on Flickr cc photo by vikapproved on Flickr http://www.webdesign240.info/drupal
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