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Rachel's Challenge

No description

Kristen Dawson

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Rachel's Challenge

77% of students are bullied mentally,physically or verbally.
12 % are bullied regularly (once or more a week).
64 % considered bullying a normal part of school life. Bullying is a pervasive problem throughout Canadian society today and takes it toll on teenagers. Mental health issues have increased in teenagers between the ages of 10-18. Bullying can cause these mental health issues that are present in teens today. There have been numerous debates about how to curb this problem. While there may not be one magical solution, we believe that the first step is to initiate a change in culture within a school.To accomplish this at Lambton-Kent, we would like to bring the program Rachel’s Challenge to the school. Rachel's Challenge is an organization started in memory of Rachel Scott. Rachel was a young girl at Columbine high school, the first girl to be shot in the horrific Columbine shooting. After Rachel's tragic death, her family found her diary which contained Rachel's goal for a brighter future, as well as her ideas on how to change the culture at her school. Rachel had simple goals such as "sitting with someone new at lunch" or "standing up for someone". Rachel's goals were about showing kindness to others. With Rachel's ideas in mind, the Scott family began speaking to students to spread her message and "create a chain reaction." http://vimeo.com/33291369 "Dresden teen commits suicide after being bullied"
~ The future?? Our goal in order to bring Rachel's Challenge to LKCS is to raise $3000. We are asking you to help support us in this endeavor. These are the faces of students who have committed suicide as a result of bullying. ? Today 26.5% of teenagers suffer from mental health issues or turn to drugs or alcohol due to bullying 60% of students at LKCS feel uncomfortable about their appearance. 84% of students at LKCS say that bullying occurs most often in the hallways, and 45% say it occurs online. 46% of students did not do anything the last time they saw someone being bullied or harassed. Statistics at LKCS What can I do? What can we do? What will you do? "Ottawa teen who killed himself was bullied"
-CBC News "B.C. victim of cyber-bullying commits suicide"
- Toronto Star "Another suicide becomes rallying cry for teens"
-Sarnia Observer
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