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Seed Drill

No description

Nick May

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Seed Drill

Nick May Per.4 Seed Drill Agenda Purpose/Operation History Inventor Impact on Society Evolution -To allow both ploughing and planting of seeds easily and effectively Purpose/Operation Harness to allow device to be pulled behind horse Sheats cut into soil and guided seeds into ground Harrow covered seeds with dirt Hopper held and distributed seeds History -First seed drill thought to have been invented in 1500 B.C. in Mesopotamia -Very primitive, no real mechanical function -Had one seed tube - Original inventor unknown Tigris Euphrates Yangzi -Chinese version appeared around 200 B.C. -More advanced than Sumerian counterpart -Employed use of multiple tubes & metal -Helped support massive Chinese population -Inventor unknown Inventor Jethro Tull -British Inventor -Born March 30, 1674, in Berkshire, England -Believed in scientific and engineered approach to farming -Invented seed drill in 1701 -Died on February 21, 1741, after inventing many other devices Impact on Society -Helped drive Industrial Revolution
-Allowed farmers to save more money -Made farming much easier Evolution -Designs became more intricate & advanced -Began using several hoppers -Air pressure used to plant seeds -Discs used instead of wedges -Several depths and speeds became available -Electricity incorporated Questions?
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