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No description

Emily O'Neill

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Homestuck

Let Me Tell You About Homestuck Homestuck is a web comic created by Andrew Hussie after his popular comic, Problem Sleuth.

The comic mainly revolves around 4 kids who play a game called SBURB. This game comes without instructions or an initial objective, but seems relatively harmless at first. But what the kids don't know will surely hurt them in the end. SBURB is actually the cause of an
apocalypse. The comic is mainly told using singular panels, text(in the form of personal messaging called Pesterlogs) and flash animations.

The entire story is captivating but, also very confusing. Reading the Pesterlogs is the key to understanding almost everything, since this story deals with paradoxes and "time shenanigans". The site, mspaintadventures.com, got it's name from the program that was used to create the first panel of his first comic, Jailbreak. He uses Photoshop to create the panels in Homestuck.

Here are some examples. Though this story starts off simple and easy to understand, the story will then start to split between kid to kid, then to completely different characters called "Trolls" and then another set of kids, so pay attention to each character's likes/dislikes/relationships/other actions.

Now let's introduce everyone. John Egbert Title- Heir of Breath
Pesterchum Handle- ectoBiologist
Strife Specibus(main)- Hammerkind
Fetch Modus- Stack, Queue, Array, Wallet
Land- Land of Wind and Shade John is an incredibly likeable character. He often becomes friends or at least seems tolerable to the trolls, who don't usually befriend the humans. He loves pranks, his friends on Pesterchum, and terrible movies(more specifically Con-Air,where he shows a type of "Man-Crush" on Nic Cage.) He seems to dislike Harlequins, to which his father is obsessed with. He hates baked goods(mainly "Betty Crocker" Products) which his father also makes quite often. Rose Lalonde Title- Seer of Light
Pesterchum Handle- tentacleTherapist
Strife Specibus- Needlekind
Fetch Modus- Tree
Land- Land of Light and Rain Rose, though this does not render her character unlikeable, tends to think too far on certain subjects and problems. She seems to have a strong relationship with certain trolls, though not all of them like her. She seems to deny the fact that she "likes" girly things, and has grown quite fond of knitting ever since John gave her knitting needles for her birthday. She seems to dislike wizards, which her mother collects. Dave Strider Title- Knight of Time
Pesterchum Handle-turntechGodhead
Strife Specibus- Bladekind
Fetch Modus- Hash Map
Land- Land of Heat and Clockwork Dave is pictured as the "cool kid", Only taking off his sunglasses less than a handful of times. For most of the comic, he seems to not believe that the Trolls are an alien race, and are just kids messing with his head. He loves creating music using his turntables, for which he cares for deeply. He seems to have a fear of puppets later on in the comics, possibly caused by his brothers collection. Title- Witch of Space
Pesterchum Handle- gardenGnostic
Strife Specibus- Riflekind
Fetch Modus- Memory, Pictionary
Land- Land of Frost and Frogs Jade Harley Jade is a sweet girl who often falls asleep out of nowhere. She seems to be clueless most of the times. She seems to have an okay standing with the Trolls, though she has a better relationship with her friends on Pesterchum, mainly John and Dave. She lives on an unknown island with only her dog, Bec. She seems to have very advance technology for living on an island alone, but it isn't usually pressed. She has many plush toys called "Squiddles", which are small squid-like animals that "hug" each other by magnets. Title- Knight of Blood
Zodiac- Cancer(22 June –22 July)
Trollian Handle- carcinoGeneticist
Strife Specibus- Sicklekind
Fetch Modus- Encryption
Land- Land of Pulse and Haze Karkat Vantas Karkat is the leader of the trolls, helping them get through there version of SBURB called SGRUB. He yells and swears decently often. He hides his blood color from the others, because of his mutant candy red blood being the lowest on the hemospectrum. Though often angry, he really does care for his friend's and tries his best so that all of them can escape alive. Title- Maid of Time
Zodiac- Aries(21 March –20 April)
Trollian Handle- apocalypseArisen
Strife Specibus- Whipkind
Fetch Modus- Ouija
Land- Land of Quartz and Melody Aradia Megido When we first meet Aradia, she's dead. She seems to lack personality for the most part, though later in the series she seems more cheerful and full of life. She had once return to life using a robot built by Equius(which he programmed to have romantic feelings for him) Title- Page of Breath
Zodiac- Taurus(21 April - 21 May)
Trollian Handle- adiosToreador
Strife Specibus- Lancekind
Fetch Modus- UNKNOWN
Land- Land of Sand and Zephyr Tavros Nitram Tavros is a shy and childish troll, who doesn't seem to have many friends. He loses his ability to walk after being pushed off a cliff by Vriska, which he regains with the help of Equius. He seems to have a love/hate relationship with Vriska and previously a strong friendship with Gamzee. After an "advance" made by Gamzee, he seems deeply uncomfortable and are never seen speaking again. Title- Mage of Doom
Zodiac- Gemini(22 May - 21 June)
Trollian Handle- twinArmageddons
Strife Specibus- None
Fetch Modus- Encryption
Land- Land of Brains and Fire Sollux Captor Sollux can be considered the brains of the group of trolls, always fixing computers and coding them. He wears 3-D glasses which hide his bi colored eyes, one red and one blue. After eating a substance called "Mind Honey", his brain overloads(since he's already intelligent) which cause his eyes to shoot red and blue leasers, which was how he accidentally killed Aradia before the events of Homestuck. Title- Rogue of Heart
Zodiac- Leo(23 July - 22 August)
Trollian Handle- arsenicCatnip
Strife Specibus- Clawkind
Fetch Modus- UNKNOWN
Land- Land of Little Cubes and Tea Nepeta Leijon Nepeta is always full of energy, especially when it comes to pairing her friends together, her favorite being Vantas<3Leijon(*hinthint*). She loves spending time with Equius, her moirail and she also spends her time FLARPing with Aradia, Terezi, Vriska and Tavros. Title- Sylph of Space
Zodiac- Virgo(23 August - 23 September
Trollian Handle - grimAuxiliatrix
Strife Specibus- Makeupkind
Fetch Modus- Chasity
Land- Land of Rays and Frogs Kanaya Maryam Kanaya, like Rose, speaks with grace and looks into things too deeply. She loves fashion, often changing her dress when she first appears. She disguises her weapon, a chainsaw, as a tube of green and black lipstick. She is a rainbow drinker, which stops her from dying at one point. She seems to have a friendship with Vriska(something that doesn't come up often) and a hatred for Eridan. Title- Seer of Mind
Zodiac- Libra(24 September - 23 October)
Trollian Handle- gallowsCalibrator
Strife Specibus- Canekind
Fetch Modus- Scratch and Sniff
Land- Land of Thought and Flow Terezi Pyrope Terezi is blind, using her sense of smell to find her way around. She sometimes calls them by a food item that matches there blood color, except for Karkat's. She was blinded by the Alternian sun, which is much brighter then Earth's sun. She wears red glasses to hide her once aqua eyes, only taking them off momentarily. She is also obsessed with justice, though most of her cases end with a death by hanging. Title- Thief of Light
Zodiac- Scorpio(24 October - 22 November)
Trollian Handle- arachnidsGrip
Strife Specibus- Dicekind
Fetch Modus- 8-Ball
Land- Land of Maps and Treasure Vriska Serket Vriska is truly the worst of the trolls. Causing many injuries and even 2 deaths, though luck never stays on her side, often swinging around to hit her back. She has the ability to mind control the more insecure trolls, usually using them for her revenge. She seems to like mocking Tavros, taunting him about his disability and his childish hobbies, though, has actually kissed him at one point. Title- Heir of Void
Zodiac- Sagittarius(23 November - 21 December)
Trollian Handle- centaursTesticle
Strife Specibus- Fistkind/Bowkind
Fetch Modus- UNKNOWN
Land- Land of Caves and Silence Equius Zahhak Title- Bard of Rage
Zodiac- Capricorn(22 December - 20 January)
Trollian Handle- terminallyCapricious
Strife Specibus- Ckubkind/Jokerkind
Fetch Modus- Miracles
Land- Land of Tents and Mirth Gamzee Makara Gamzee is definitely the most unpredictable of the 12 trolls. He is always high on Sopor Slime, which stops him from going on psychotic rampages and/or killing everyone. He wears clown facepaint and always carries juggling pins with him. He's best friends with Karkat, the only person who can calm him down during his rage, and shows strong feelings toward Tavros, though it could be passed as him being too high to realize what he said. Title- Maid of Life
Pesterchum Handle- gutsyGumshoe
Strife Specibus- Spoonkind/Forkkind
Fetch Modus- Recipe
Land- Land of Crypts and Helium Jane Crocker Title- Prince of Heart
Pesterchum Handle- timaeusTestified
Strife Specibus- Bladekind
Fetch Modus- Tech-Hop
Land- Lands of Tombs and Krypton Dirk Strider Title- Rogue of Void
Pesterchum Handle- tipsyGnostalgic
Strife Specibus- Fistkind/Riflekind
Fetch Modus- Message in a Bottle
Land- Land of Pyramids and Neon Roxy Lalonde Title- Prince of Hope
Zodiac- Aquarius(21 January - 19 February)
Trollian Handle- caligulasAquarium
Strife Specibus- Riflekind/Wandkind
Fetch Modus- UNKNOWN
Land- Land of Wrath and Angels Eridan Ampora Title- Witch of Life
Zodiac- Pisces(20 February - 20 March)
Trollian Handle- cuttlefishCuller
Strife Specibus- 2x3dentkind (2 sided trident)
Fetch Modus- UNKNOWN
Land- Land of Dew and Glass Feferi Peixes Title- Page of Hope
Pesterchum Handle- golgothasTerror
Strife Specibus- 2xPistolkind
Fetch Modus- Puzzle
Land- UNKNOWN Jake English *Note* Some of these designs are unconfirmed and are not shown in the actual comic God Tiers(Titles) Homestuck fans, in my opinion, are very creative and insanely talented. Many creating fan art(as seen for character profiles and God Tier), theories, ships/couples, cosplay/costumes, videos, voice acting and even there own songs/parodies. The Fans Over time, Homestuck has grown an immense following that is still growing. It is also still updating to this day, has over 5000 pages and even has a video game planned for 2014.

The money to fund this game has been raised through the website "Kickstarter", raising over 2 million dollars in 30 days, placing 8 on the "Top projects by Funds Raised". Depending on the amount of money given, you would receive the game, as well as other prizes(Sticker sets, pins, t-shirts, tote bags, etc...) and for10 thousand dollars, which only 2 people would apply to(both sold out near the end) you would get all previous rewards and have your fan character appear in Homestuck. Jokes You'll Understand Once You Learn About Homestuck Title- Witch of Time
Zodiac- Aries
Typing Style- Poor Japanese, uses vulgar language to anyone but Rufioh(Sometimes anyway), All caps and bad English when speaking to humans.
Rufioh Nitram(ex-Matesprit)
Meenah Peixes(Archrival) Damara Megido Title- Rogue of Breath
Zodiac- Taurus
Typing Style- No capitalization ,calls girls "doll", replaces 'i' with '1', says "bangarang" when excited, censors himself using *, sometimes ends with }:D so represent his horns.
Damara Megido(ex-Matesprit)
Horuss Zahhak(Matesprit) Rufioh Nitram Title- Heir of Doom
Zodiac- Gemini
Typing Style- Replaces letters with numbers(ex. E=3, A=4, S=5, O=0, T=7, I=1 and B=8.) frequent spelling errors, uses reaction gifs he made himself and the "you tried" star.
Latula Pyrope(Matesprit)
Kurloz Makara(Moirail)
Cronus Ampora(Bullied by) Mituna Captor Title- Seer of Blood
Zodiac- Cancer
Typing Style- Replaces 'b' with '6' and 'o' with '9', otherwise perfect grammar.
Latula Pyrops(Flushed Crush) Kankri Vantas Title- Mage of Heart
Zodiac- Leo
Typing Style- Replaces 'EE' with '33', always prefixes with complicated cat emoticons, frequent cat puns. While talking to Kurloz, she uses sign language and gifs.
Kurloz Makara(ex-Matesprit)
Horuss Zahhak(Moirail) Meulin Leijon Title- Maid of Space
Zodiac- Virgo
Typing Style- Adds a plus sign after every lowercase 'o' to represent a Venus sign, replaces the word 'plus' with an actual plus sign.
Aranea Serket(ex-Matesprit)
Kankri Vantas(Moirail/One-sided) Porrim Maryam Title- Knight of Mind
Zodiac- Libra
Typing Style- Replaces 'a' with '4', 'i' with '1' and 'e' with '3', tends to use lowercase letters.
Mituna Captor(Matesprit) Latula Pyrope Aranea Serket Title- Sylph of Light
Zodiac- Scorpio
Typing Style- Replaces 'b' with '8', replaces 'eight' sounds with '8' when angered or stressed, multiplies letters and exclamation points by 8.
Porrim Maryam(ex-Matesprit)
Meenah Peixes(Possible Matesprit/Moirail) Title- Page of Void
Zodiac- Sagittarius
Typing Style- Starts with 8=D to represent him smiling(goggles and all ) and other horse faces, frequent horse puns, capitalize "Strong" and other words of the sort, replaces 'x' and 'ks' sounds with '%', types "blue" as "b100", basically perfect grammar and syntax.
Rufioh Nitram(Matesprit)
Meulin Leijon(Moirail) Horuss Zahhak Title- Prince of Rage
Zodiac- Capricorn
Typing Style- Talks using sign language and reaction gifs, uses "horrifying" purple text when describing his "lord"
Meulin Leijon(ex-Matesprit)
Mituna(Moirail) Kurloz Makara Title- Bard of Hope
Zodiac- Aquarius
Typing Style- Places a 'v' in front of 'w's and vice-versa, replaces 'B' with '8' (only all caps), no capitalization, commas and ending punctuation.
NONE Cronus Ampora Title- Thief of Life
Zodiac- Pieces
Type- Replaces 'H' with ')(' and 'E' with '-E', uses 38D emoticon to represent a tiara and goggles, frequent fish puns.
Aranea Serket(Possible Matesprit/Moirail)
Karkat Vantas(Flushed Crush) Meenah Peixes But in the end, I will recommend reading Homestuck to anyone who hasn't yet. It's complex story will keep you thinking and the characters will make you wish that Hussie never killed them. The jokes will keep you laughing and the heart jerking moments will hit hard, showing large signs of it's immersion. At first it will show a plain and bland environment, but later own grows into a mess of colorful scenery and animations that last up to 15 minutes.

So, you should check out Homestuck, just as long as you clear your calender. Eridan is often the punchline to many jokes in the fandom, many commenting on his quandrants. Though Eridan doesn't exactly deserve these jokes, he isn't quite the nicest of the trolls. He has a somewhat massive ego, possibly because of his high spot on the hemospectrum or from his great affection for historical leaders/conquerors/military history. He also shows a love for wizards and magic, though not believing in it, which could be a joke on his slight resemblance to Harry Potter. Feferi has a very bubbly personality. She seems to be nice with everyone, rarely mentioning how high she is on the hemospectrum(and the fact that she will become the empress of Alternia), showing kindness to even the lowest. She is shown to have a friendship with Eridan and Sollux, who seem to perhaps have a rivalry, that might be for her. She keeps many varieties of cuttlefish and aquatic-hoofbeast(horses) in her hive, almost acting as an animal shelter. Cosplay Fan art DISCLAIMER As previously mentioned, Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie. But sadly, I am not able to credit every single artist and cosplayer shown here.

If it helps any, I found most of the art on tumblr and zerochan. I also found it by typing the character name and by searching "Homestuck Cosplay" on Google.

I really am terribly sorry that I can't give everyone credit. Meenah is the teams leader, and will do anything to win, even making the other members loathe each other. To save herself and her friends from nonexistence caused by scratching the game, she killed herself and the others. Pre-scratch trolls These trolls will not have a lot of information, due to the fact that they appear later in the comic. There is also only so much info on each character given to us. It is said that Damara used to be a quiet troll, even after she found out her matesprit, Rufioh, was cheating on her. It was only after Meenah started "bullying" Damara with this fact, which caused her to paralyze Rufioh from the neck down and ruin many of her friends efforts to beat the game Rufioh has been said to be the most romantically successful of the 12, only Meenah has never made a move on him. He is apart of a group called "The lost weeaboos", which he joined when he fled into the forest due to his wings, which make him a "mutant".
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