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No description

Delaney Houseman

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of America

Here we go, away from Spain.

We adventured deep into the trees, it was quiet, then, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone. They were looking at me. Then she ran away. I went the way she did and it led me to a village type of thing. It was amazing, there were so many people and they were all carrying something. They all stopped and looked at me, but then they went back to what they were doing. I saw the girl that I had seen in the trees. She was the only person still looking at me. I went up too her, but instead she walked up to me and handed me every kind of food except, tomato soup! I am glad I saw her.
The next day I went to exploring again, and I went back to the village thing, the girl seemed to be waiting for me, I talked to her and she said her name was Malaya. We played ball with the other kids, my team won. There wasn't ant grass, instead there was gravel and dirt. There was a huge waterfall in the village, so Malaya took me there. It was amazing! The biggest waterfall I had ever seen!
Cultural Exchange.
History of America

The year is 1519 and we are heading a away from Spain sailing to new land. The boat is swaying and the waves are crashing and cold water is splashing at my face. The wind is blowing wildly making my hair wild.The seagulls are flying overhead and whales are swimming beside the boat. The sun is hiding behind the clouds and it is chilly. The Atlantic Oceans water is 20 degrees. The sun popped out and a sudden heat warmed us up right away. It is dinner and so we sat eating tomato soup, its not the best soup but its almost all we have. It is time to rest for we have a busy journey ahead.
We just arrived and the first thing I did was explored. I went to the right and there was a river. I took off my shoes and dipped them into the water. It was cold but it felt good, so I jumped in. It was the first thing even close to a bath in weeks. I dried off and went further past the river. There was a strong sent of skunk so I turned and ran the other way past the river. I stopped after a few minutes to catch my breath and when I looked up I saw a bird looking at me. It just starred, I tried to scare it away but it didn't even blink! I stomped back to our camp and ate tomato soup. Then the day was over and I had a nightmare about that bird.
Broken Promises

Great spirit
long houses
stealing the locket
londan england
widow worked hard
father gone
locket on one night
shop keeper and son steal the locket
they hit him out cold
orphanage samuel collier age 11
new bed in quiet house
wanted the locket back so he stole it
no one left to love
boys call him theif, jail rat, so fight with fist
captain john smith
sheos from older boy died
men will find gold silver and jewels
smell fresh bread
getting ready to sail
lot of men dressed in silk
men marching with sword
carpeters are coming
curly red blond hair tall and strong
edward maria wingfeild
captain newport
the hand is gone of ratcliff
richard is younger they don't talk
susan constant is ship on
forced to stay on boared so we encounter many storms
closed walls and ceilings in room
1000 rats
nothing but winds and storms
men complain constantly
they sign 7 year contract
chickens are
captain smith is angry
god wants to bring christanity
our route is like a big circle
a fever broke
im so skinny
i finally get fresh air
the water is clear blue
captain is under arrest
smith almost punched newport
newport wanted to shoot smith
captain smith was chained
an island full of indians
i see land for my first time in weeks
captain smith is still chained
he was writing
i went to eat oatmeal
they say the indians don't where clothes and paint themselves
we ate green moldy cheese
land ho yelled a man
it looks like a green lump in the distance
everyone wants to eat fresh meat and drink fresh water
indians are coming fast towered our boat
they let smith out of the chains
smith is comunicating with the indians
the indians understood so they brought us a lot of fruit
in return we gave them knives and gatchets
we saw a whale being chased by swored fish
the sky and water are so blue
when we got to land i went into the water where fish sucked on my legs
i had to wash dishes with sand
the me were building a thing to hang captain smith
the tweendeck is dark compared to skylight from the island
it grew darker as thunder thuded
it rained and the tweendeck started flooding
i was sick of everything
i started fighting richard
it was blooding
captain smith pulled me away
he made me stand on one foot
he chained me where he was chained
land ho!
everyone on the tweendeck was awake in an instant
captain smith unchained me
we got to go up on deck
there are tall trees and it was all green
no indians came this time
the forest is quiet, the world is quiet
the cook was cooking the men had just got back from finding gold
indians came out and were shooting
they shot two men
i realized that this land isnt as free as i thought
james was wimpering
captain smith was wrighting in his journal
i asked him how would we settle when we were at war
there was a box which said who would be our leaders
some men went to look for a place for us to settle
they met many indians and we are welcome us into their village and eat with them
we wake from the tweendeck early because we are going onto the land
we unload the chicken coop
i ran off into the trees so i didnt have to do anything els
captain smith handed me a straw hat and a hatchet
richard and james worked with me
after that we set up tents we got fish to the cook
we unloaded wood for houses
im so tiered after the days i flop into bed without taking off my shoes
when i wake up i see two indians coming with a longbow with them
they gave us baskets
we ate we indians
i was looking at the bread so the indian told me to eat it
we traded them copper and glass beads
captain smith told us that the indians are spying on us because they look at our tents and counting our men planning an attack
it was a hot day and i was plowing so we could plant wheat
james brought water and i took a drink and it was salty
we were discussing what we would do if they did attack
captain newport took 8 men including captain smith so they can communicate with indians
i went into the woods at dawn and saw a form
i went into the tent i was so tiered i almost fell asleep
indians attacked and arrows flied everywhere
an arrow flew through the tent and past my ear
it was very loud
an arrow hit our matress with us under it
we came out
james was hit with an arrow in his side
there were 17 men who were wounded but no dead yet
reveren hunt carried james back from the ship and said that he was dead
i dreaded work today bringing water to the crops
the tribes name was the powahtan
there was almost 400 indians last night
we started building a wooden fort
we brought cannons from our ship for protection
they shot a few men while they were hunting
and they shot captain newports dog while she was chasing a raccoon.
i fastened my belt of my new armour
they taught me how to use the sword
our swords cling and we went fast and i defeted
he told me that we would trai everyday and tomorrow id learn to use a musket
on june 22 captain newport and the rest of the marines left back to england
we were getting ill
master wingfield got urrested for taking all the food
captain ratcliff became our new president
now captain smith is teaching me and the other learners to use a musket
we hear the indians cry so i get my armor on but it was the call of wingapo!
the indians came in and smith talked in the Algonquian
they were carrying baskets with bread!
the indians tell us great tips
we have much food from our harvest but the indians keep bringing us food too
the rain water is good to drink
richard and i have our cabin and we put our fire on and than gave some other men emdals
captain smith and nine other men left to get food from the indians
richard has become my friend
it is colder now so there are dried leaves
all of our food was gone and their is hardly anyone around
we see captain smith coming
he told us to help him with the cannons
captain smith is giving them a cannon
200 savages took captain smith and kept him from village to village fattening him up
they were going to kill him but a little girl said to spare him and the cheif said no so the girl layed her head on mine
the land is full of gold and copper
our cabins became full with people from england
a boy named Thomas Savage came
they brought wheat, pork, butter and more
we see indians coming to shore in canoes
full of food
The girl came to and she talked
captain smith interdused us to her
her name is Pocahantas it means playful one
she is fasinated with the cabin and the things in captain smiths
she whanted to race us to the wall
dogs chased us and i won a little bit so she wanted to race us again
i ran as fast i can but she won
she does a trick so we tried to do a cartwheel like thing
There was a fire so i tried to get buckets of water
to put out the fire but the water was leaping from roof to roof
we managed to save a good part of one of the building but the cabins were gone
the indians saw smoke so they came to help
they brought fur and food
we all worked hard to re-build our walls and we made it a 5 sided wall so it was bigger
a new boy came to live with us. he was 14 tall and strong
we had to teach him english
we made well and gained peace with other native americans
captain smith became president
richard and i were harvesting crops when there was a shout and a british flag went up
reveren hunt was teaching Namatac about god
captain smith,me, namatac, and a few soldiers go to the indian village and end up staying for supper
they but no food on the fire and it made us suspicious and we heard a battle cry
we draw our swords but Pocahantas told us no so we sat down
then indian women came out in costumes and did a dance and left
we ate a lot of food like squash and beans
reveren hunt became very sick and soon he died
boats arrived with more colinest of men, woman, and children
two men went to a village and burned a house and stole beads and necklesses and beat people with clubs
captain smith took a nap and gun powder caught on to the gun and burned his leg so he takes richard with him to englin
Anna had a baby girl named Virginia
Captain Smith is leaving today so I help him collect his belongings
He let me keep beads to use to trade with
We shook hands and I helped onto the ship
While everyone was saying goodbye I went to say goodbye to richard
we are moving to point comfort so i began to pack up my things
Ann was going to stay at Jamestown but john was coming to point comfort
I couldn't leave Virginia so I took her to Jamestown
I was caught and put in a cell for my sentence would be in the morning
Ann and John stopped them from hanging me so i was set free

Now, up north, pilgrims arrive on the Mayflower. Winter was near and the were far from the Houston River. Plus someone decided to take the Mayflower back to England so the pilgrims were left to survive with no way home. By the first winter, half of the pilgrims were dead. Houses were very small and had limited space. The roof was thatched, made of reeds and the walls were packed with clay dug from the ground. The men get the pewter plate and pewter spoon but the woman and children get wooden spoons or spoons made of cow horns, and plates called trenchers. The children sleep on one mattress of straw or feather that lay on the floor while the parents sleep with both mattresses on a bedstead. The pilgrims eat smashed corn with every meal. When the pilgrims were on the Mayflower, they mainly ate dried meat, fish, grains, flour, dried fruit, cheese, hard biscuits, and other food that they brought. When they got settled is Plymouth theyy ate deer, swan, lobster, bread, indian corn, rabbit, turkey, geese, duck. They brought sugar, spices, oil, vinegar, and wine. The children drank beer instead of milk. The woman tended to small gardens of herbs and veggies in their back yard while men usually tend to the crops in big open fields. In the fields they grew indian corn and in the small gardens they grew barley, peas, onions, spinach, pumpkins, cabbage, radishes, and many other veggies. The men use beetles, thwart saws, and fro's (froe's) to build houses. The bruoght the iron heads with them bu made the handles out of wood in Plymouth. Their kitchen was the fireplace with a kettle hung over it. Sometimes you would find chairs hanging on the wall, that is because the space is limited, but the wall has space so they hung their belongings on the wall. The hearth is the fire which is their kitchen. They hang the pot over the hearth, they hang it closer to the hearth to make it hotter or boil faster, and hang it farther up to have it not boild so fast.
New how to grow crops
Lived in villages in round houses called wetus or wigwams
Slept on a animal fur and used fur as blanket
Used arrows to hunt with
Had closed made of deer hide
Clay pots
Feathers in hair
Animal fur or hide for clothes
Lived in wood houses
Slept on mattress and had real blankets
Used guns to hunt with
Had clothes made out of cloth or wool
Wood and medal pots
Cover head all the time
Wear hats

Village or
Grow crops

I have to leave England because my brother and I are orphans and we were stealing from pockets. My brother Tom never made it onto the boat. We did make it to Plymouth and back to England. There was a storm and everyone was praying and one of the main beams broke so we used a medal screw. It saved us, so kids were coughing and we were sleeping on cold, wet beds. Most people wanted to turn back, but we kept going. The food is moldy and bad. Captain John went up from the tween deck and then we heard shouting "Man overboard!" was what we heard. A baby was born healthy named Oceanus. We only have moldy sea fish. I was longing for milk, I wish we brought a dairy cow. A man died of scurvy so we covered him and through him overboard. The captain told us to come up on the deck to excersise.
Susan Constant
met Pocahontas
anger issues
lived with Powhatan
went with men to search land
new world
main characters
lived in tween deck
King James
around same age

could remember the creeks and the grass. We've been on they Mayflower for weeks. So many have died from fever and diseases by the first winter. We sat down to eat dinner when we herd a cry. The next day an indian came into the village, his name was Squanto. We all became friends with Squanto and some of his tribe members. We started planting gardens. I went to gather plants and berries when I heard laughing. I went towered the noise and I saw children splashing in the water, but they were native children. Squanto came up to me and said for me to come into their village. I got to meet his family. The men went exploring with the natives and when they came back successful we had a feast and a celebration that lasted three days.
their families home. After a harsh winter, we hardly
After the Mayflower voyage the men started making
While Spain and England were building in
North America, France was claiming land in what are today Canada and northeastern United States. French claims to this region, which became known as New France, began with Jacques Cartier. He explored the St. Lawrence River in the early 1500s. He also started trading partnership with Huron people. French merchants wanted the wealth that came from the fur trade. The French king wanted to add to his country's power. He pushed merchants to start colonies in North America. In time, a group of merchants hired Samuel de Champlain to find a place to build a settlement. In 1608, Champlain founded Quebec along the St. Lawrence River. Quebec was the first French settlement in North American. In 1603, French Catholic missionaries began arriving in New France. These missionaries usually lived with Natives to learn their language.
gold, glory, God
Gold-to find
Power- to control more land
Wealth- through crops (tabacco)
Fur trade with Natives
Claim land
Claim land along Mississippi river
All water route to Asia
New England colonies were formed in
Massachusetts, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode
Island, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire.
The Puritans arrived in Chesapeake Bay. They arrived in 1628 and 1630. They came to America because they wanted to be able to practice their own religious beliefs.

Benjamin Franklin was about to speak against the tax law in 1776. The colonist were angry. They said that Britain could not tax them. 1765 was the Stamp Act, which put a tax on many paper items in the colonies. Everyone was angry with the taxes. Many colonist tried to force Britain to take back the Stamp Act. Some wrote letters to Parliament. Others began to boycott, or refuse to buy, all

British goods. The colonist were ready to fight for their country. They grabbed their musket and were going to the British. The minutemen came from nearby villages. The group of men waited in concord. When the British saw them, they retreated, but a lot of the men were killed of wounded.In the middle of the night and there was war ships of the British.
After war, they had slaves. Some people wanted to have slaves, but some didn't. They would say that in the Decoration of Independence said that everyone should have liberty. Slaves weren't supposed to to be able to read or write. Slaves aren't supposed to be able to love, or do anything fun or exciting. Singing was important part of african americans religion, but some masters do not allow them to sing.
1787, the 55 delegates from 12 states gathered in the Pennsylvania State House. debated for 4 months. The farmers were mad because they felt over taxed. They were armed with pitchforks and guns and they destroyed the big house. There are 3 branches of power;
Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.
The reason why they made a Weak Central
It was hard, lots of blizzards, not enough food and supplies, not enough heat.
Their Winter
Our Winter
30 ' of snow
lots of blizzards
supplies from train
coal for fire
snow above their
houses. Mainly shovels
furnace for heat

We are approaching the new land so there is a lookout all the time. There was 80 fathoms till the bottom. We were getting closer and the deck was crowded. The people worn damp blankets over there heads. The next day we heard "Land ho!" Every one was talking at once and seaguls flew all around our ship. I got to walk the new land with 16 other people. First we took the longboat but we didn't get to land. We decided to adventure into the land, and we found trees, lots of trees. We worked hard that evning cutting trees. That night we went back on the ship and we made a fire, we acually got to eat real food. Another day on land. I got to wear clean clothes, because all the woman went to shore to scrub the clothes. A school of whales were playing beside the Mayflower and one man tried to shoot at them but the gun just blew up in his face. We set up camp and went into the tree's again and found fresh water! We drank it and went into an opening. We started digging and I found an indian arrow. We left and we went over a hill and there was fresh made sand. We found a basket full of corn. We took most of it with us. We found two canous and we new this land was occupied. I heard a cry from the forest, I awoke from it twice. The other men was aware too. Our fire burned so we could see a little through the darkness. We came back to Mayflower in cold rain. We came to a bent tree so we huddled by it. One of the men stepped right into it(a trap). He said that he was impressed. Finally we came to the beach again. Everyone was glad to see us. It was cold because it is December. We found indians working on a black thing. When they saw us they ran. We figured out that the black thing is a grampus. We were sitting and planning out our day when we heard a terrible cry. They came from all sides and it echo. Before we knew it there was natives coming from the trees all painted and had feathers. The captain shot but missed and all natives fled. A few men went into the forest with captain and we heard shouts and gun fire.We went into the shallop. It was windy and we couldnt hear each other. When we got to and it was dark so we made fire and fell asleep. In the morning we found out that we were on an island. We named it Carter island. When we got back to the Mayflower we found out that captains wife had drowned. The next day we told everyone about Plymouth Harbor. It is Christmas and it was cold but men made houses on the east coast. We went on board and didn't go to ashore because there was a storm. We had to make 19 houses. We worked on the common house, everyone worked including women. Captain took some men to find the Natives but came back with an eagle that they shot. I think our common house was getting better and I slept in it with other men. Many on board are sickly and the cook complains about a fever and headaches. In the common house there is a sickness going around. All that do work watch the sickness. I had to fetch wood and watch the fire. At night I see the shadows from the people who care for the sick. A few men went to get water and saw many native and came running. Today we saw two natives and they were making signs for us to come with them but captain wouldn't allow us to go to them. I visit Elder Bradford in the common house. We brought a small cannon 1200 pounds. Another person died and diseases have wiped out her family. There are many orphans now. My master invited me to eat with him so I grabbed my own plate and ate with him. It has been four months since we came and most of the people are still on board. I asked my master if he could teach me how to use a musket so he showed me in many steps how to get it started. I help him plant seeds in the garden. Natives come asking for food and strong water they come at every hour even in the middle of the night. Some people come onto the land. We left to tell the natives that they shouldn't come at night and Squanto came with us back.The Mayflower is going back home with some people, but I stay. I had to give my journal, but my master gave me another. The Mayflower left and many cried. It is strange not seeing the ship on the harbor. All the orphans were adopted into families and one came to mine. She was nice and made us laugh. We started planting in the gardens and planting crops. My master may become Governor. A new indian came to live with us. We are finished gardening but we still need to gaured the crops and tend to the garden. Some indians came to trade. We have had many deaths and one marriage. We have 11 houses, we have 4 buildings. I need to guard the common field from wolves. Two boys came and teased me, then one kicked half a row of a field. The next day a girl came and told me that the two boys are going to duel. I was going to get up early and see if they were going to really do it. They went to the beach with a sword and a knife. The boys said that I was going to pay so I left late that night. I am so tired but then I saw the common house. I went to Mrs. Hopkins house and I got a loaf of bread. I have a compass and I know where I want to go. I traveled through the forest all day. I saw two fox, a deer, and three snakes. I was trying to find the Sowagas so I could live there. The sun was going down and I ventured out of the trees to see calm water. I made a fire. I heard the wolves. I write in my journal and my legs ached and I was dizzy, but I still wrote. I saw eyes watching me and I knew that if I kept the fire going the wolves would stay away. I wish I was in my small bead. I woke and saw the blue sky. I walked all morning along grass and the creek, I saw birds that I had never seen. I was hungry but I had know bread so I went into the forest to find berries and I found some good ones, but then I realized that the berries were far in the forest. I woke in a hut and I felt pain in my leg. I go unconscious and then I woke again to be found over a mans shoulder, I went unconscious and I woke still on the boys and I was in a viliage. The boy put me down and introduced himself and told me he learned my language by Squanto. I told him about the wolves and he said that he protected me. I thanked him, and looked around for some one else thank, but every one was gone. I was hungry and he brought me a bowl, it had a meat in it. He told me to rest. The next day I met more people and went a little into the forest. All around people were working and children were playing. The children came up to me and started saying something in their language. We went fishing and I took off my shirt. He told me that they pray to all living things.
To lead this expedition, Thomas Jefferson chose Meriwether Lewis, and he chose William Clark. In 1803, they bought the whole Louisiana Purchase. They brought a man named York, known to Clark since birth. Only two days out, Lewis almost lost his life. They were tormented by misquotes. Some days, they only made two miles with thousands more to go. They found the Natives, we traded with them and got watermelons. Then Sargent Floyd passed away. They pushed on deeper inland. In the vast prairie land, they found many new species. They found buffalo, but where buffalo were, there were buffalo hunters. They were ordered to be peaceful with them. Sacajawea joined them on them on their expedition, soon she had a baby boy. She soon became more important to the expedition, she showed them edible plants and saved some of their valuable items.
Traveling was very hard. Sometimes, someone would fall off the wagon or eat poison food and get sick. They would run out of food and starve or get cold and not have enough cloths. Your oxen would get sick and die of get thirsty and dehydrated. Your wheels would break. But sometimes, you could successfully trade with other travelers.
Lewis Clark

And more
By Delaney

When mining for gold, it worked for me to pick a person who has mining experience, mining tools, and health. I found out that you could die from other miners beating you up of if you open a theater you die. I found more gold by the river that the foothills. Today we can discuss the Erie canal. Peter Cooper built the first locomotive, toms thumb.
World War 1
World War 2
600,000 jeeps were made.
In 1920, a German World War 1 veteran named Adolf Hilter became leader of a politcial party called the National Socialists.The Nazi party grew in power. In 1933, the Nazi party took control of Germany. In 1922, Benito Joseph Stalin took control of the Soveit Union.
In 1914, ongoing conflics in Eroupe
exploded into war. This war became
know as World War 1. Most Americans
did not think the US would get involved
in war. In 1915, a German submarine sank
the British ship Lustania. About 1,200
people drowned, including 128 Americans.

Both were caused by
the efforts of other
country's to change
the US's ways. They were
both won by the side with
more weapons. The insergent
wars both lost.
In the late 1950's, communist in South Vietnam attacked the government. In 1964, it looked as if the Vietcong were winning. By 1968, there were more than 500,00 American soldiers fighting in Vietnam.
The teleagraph helped Abraham Lincon win the war.
There are more TVs are in this nation than anywhere in the world. 1970, thousands of vietnom war protests broke out. In 1972, Nixon flew to Moscow to meet with the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. The two leaders worked on contronled arms, or limited numbers of how many weapons each nation can have, they wanted to make peace. In 1889, most American's have credit cards.

Deuel County History
In 2010, the population was 4364. In 2014, the estimate was 4,312. The county was created in 1862 and organized in 1878. It was named after Jacob Deuel who was a legislator in 1862. The first courthoust was located in Gary. Agitation began as early as 1886 for the removal of the courthouse in Gary to a spot more centeral in the county. People didn't like the idea of the courthouse moved from their town. The cities are Clear Lake, Gary, Toronto, Astoria, Brandt, Goodwin, and Altamont.

Top 10
1. Cars
2. Baby boom
3. Aircraft
4. Clothes
5. Houses
6. Technology
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