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Succesful Green Infrastructure Strategies from Syracuse, NY

2013 Camden SMART Forum

Matthew Millea

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Succesful Green Infrastructure Strategies from Syracuse, NY

The Gray The Green Smart Gray Investments Made Green Possible $173 Million Metropolitan Waste Water Treatment Facility (90 MGD) Not So Good Getting Better Infiltration Trenches Steal These Projects! www.SaveTheRain.us Let's Talk About 2011 & Project 50 15,000 Gallons Onsite Storage Federal Consent Judgement CSO Storage (Up to 10 Million Gallons) 6.4% Via Green Infrastructure 248,000,000 Gallons Per Year Stormwater Capture Work To Occur in 3 Distinct Sewersheds All Milestones Must Be Met by 2018 We Are Committed to Open Sourcing Our Program It Starts With
An Idea! 4th Amendment Approved
November 2009 There Was A Better Way To Clean Up Onondaga Lake Than Building Three More of These Why Are We Saving The Rain? Balancing the Gray & the Green
to address sewer overflows Our New Mission: Midland Avenue Sewage Treatment Plant Advanced Amonia and Phosphorous Removal Gray Projects
Harbor Brook Interceptor (ARRA)
Midland Conveyance (CSO 044)
Clinton Storage Facility
Harbor Brook Storage Facility and Conveyances
Sewer separation projects (022/045)
Facilities Planning
Floatable Control
Remaining CSO Facilities Plan = $150 Million $70 Million Clinton Sewershed - Six Million Gallons Subsurface Storage Construction Start - 09/15/2011 From This... To This! How Did We Hear About GI? Published 2006 Monroe Building - Green Improvement Fund Skiddy Park - with Boeheim Foundation A Key Component: Education & Outreach We've Come A Long Way
In Three Years.... The Results: Remarkable Outreach Partners:
Environmental Finance Center @ SU
Baltimore Woods
Onondaga Environmental Institute
Onondaga Earth Corps
Atlantic State Legal Foundation
SUNY ESF Closing CSO 044 Harbor Brook Interceptor Sewer - $12 Million ARRA Final Sewer Separation Project Pearl Street Parking Area A Cleaner More Vibrant Lake Fish species documented in Onondaga Lake

Abundant Species - Alewife, Banded Killifish, Bluegill, Brown Bullhead, Carp, Channel Catfish, Gizzard Shad, Golden Shiner, Largemouth Bass, Pumpkinseed, Shorthead Redhorse, Smallmouth Bass, White Perch, White Sucker, Yellow Perch

Common Species - Black Crappie, Bluntnose Minnow, Bowfin, Brook Silverside, Brook Stickleback, Emerald Shiner, Fathead Minnow, Freshwater Drum, Longnose Gar, Logperch, Northern Pike, Rock Bass, Tessellated Darter, Tiger Musky, Walleye

Uncommon Species - Black Bullhead, Brown Trout, Goldfish, Greater Redhorse, Green Sunfish, Johnny Darter, Lake Sturgeon, Longnose Dace, Northern Hogsucker, Quillback, Rainbow Trout, Rudd, Spotfin Shiner and Trout Perch, White Bass, Yellow Bullhead A Next Step: Using Green Infrastructure To Address Suburban Stormwater Challenges $3 Million Appropriation
For Suburban GI Projects
Within Consolidated
Sanitary District So, What's Our Plan? What About Maintenance? Residential Rain Barrel Program Hotel Skyler - Porous Pavers The Connective Corridor On-Center Surface Lot 2010 2012 Water Street Gateway Project - Before 5/28/2012 Not Green Infrastructure?
Really? Public Private Partnerships
Green Improvement Fund Embrace The Change (order) Near West Side Initiative We Are Striving To "Green" our Gray! Over 100 Projects To Date. Green Parks! The Save the Rain Dome? But Do You Have Any Cool Green Streets?
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