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oh alghamdi

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Marketing's Impact on
Ohud & Yuwei Influencing the Consumers Bodies The Global Consumer In conclusion Cited Marketing and the Customer Meaning of consumption Introduction Every movie you have ever seen, every TV show, every magazine, every time you surf the Internet, you're absorbing information. The words on the screen, the colors, the sounds, the images every detail designed to make you think, act, or feel a certain way. Your brain is subconsciously decoding images and sounds. popular culture

The meaning of consumption

Marketing and the customer

The global consumer Popular culture is both a marketing product and inspiration for marketers.
It means the music, films, sports, books and other forms of entertainment consumed
by the mass market , so it means a bond that everyone knows and many bonds mean some distinctive symbols that make us have a conversant feeling just like that we knew before. Perhaps it was a hat of famous or a head of hero. Marketing strategies today is depending on building
relationship with customers.
The types of relationships a person may have with a product
self-concept attachment= the product helps to create identity.
Nostalgic self = a product serves as a link with past self
Ex: someone who buys a candy that he doesn't like so much but he still buys it because he liked it when he was a child. it means buying products because of what the products
mean not because of what they do.
Many products don't only mean that they're important and useful in consumer's life, they also mean a lifestyle.
What the products you have, what the lifestyle you choose.
for example, most people are wearing Nikes versus Reeboks although they can't run faster or jump
so they make it like a policy. Everything from this brand they'll buy it even if they don't need it. Global consumer culture is an important result of sophisticated marketing strategies.
When a new and overseas product come to a new place, it may be mixed with some local elements to be a new product. With the time passed, this commodity will gradually become a way of life.
Also, it can be seen in popular culture, For example, Lethal Weapon 4 in Hong kong
was promoted with a local music.
Some American films are imported to anther country and they mixed those films by local music
= global consumer.. People's lives are affected by marketing very much.
they influence our ideas and identities by promoting social concepts and commercial products.
Thus, people have to realize what the good consumer behaviors are; that is very important of both social issues and dynamic of popular culture.

Now, you can ask yourself question..
Do you need all the products that you buy? are you a loyal
in your favorite brand = you buy everything because of that brand not because you need what you buy? Schmitt, Diane, and Schmitt, Norbert. " Influencing the Consumers." Focus on Vocabulary 2 : Mastering the Academic Word List. White Plains, NY: Pearson Longman, 2011. 42-50. print. There are four ways that products influence our thinking : popular culture - Interdependence= the product is a part of daily
life routine.
Ex: my friend used to buy a coffee from Starbucks every morning.
- love : the products that make us feel warmth, passion or other strong emotions.
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