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Ideas of Using Facebook for English Teaching

a presentation for Innovation and Change in Language Education subject

Arnis Silvia

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Ideas of Using Facebook for English Teaching

Arnis Silvia IDEAS OF USING FACEBOOK IN ENGLISH CLASSROOM Social Media and Language Learning BENEFITS OF FACEBOOK it ‘creates a unique environment that has removed many barriers for students to participate, because the students can access their online classrooms anytime, anywhere” (Wu & Starr)
'This self-disclosure on the part of the instructor has been shown to positively impact students motivation and by extension their aptitude for learning' (Gardner & Lambert)
In writing phase, Editing and Peer-Reviewing can be done through Facebook. SOME IDEAS OF USING FACEBOOK IN CLASSROOM Friend-Advice
Photo-to-Story activities
Video Commenting
Citizen Journalism
Book/ Movie Reviewing
Reporting Famous People by their Tweets
Grammar Practice
Class-Polling 1. VIDEO COMMENTING 1) Teacher posts a video about teenager talk on Youtube (choose the appropriate topic for teenagers)
2) Ask the students to post their comments on the Facebook group (give time limit, ex: 3 days)
3) Nominate the best comments. students are now being digital-native
Facebook® penetration in Indonesia reaches 17.48% from total world penetration in early January 2012 with 42.482.060 users (socialbakers.com ).
“educators [have] searched for means of communicating knowledge in simple, inexpensive, and timely ways” while “making instruction both productive and enriching” (Cuban, 1996)
Facebook® is nowadays accessed through mobile devices (cellphones, tablets, smartphones), makes it easier to access compared to other LMS (learning management system) like Edmodo, Moodle, and Blackboard. FRIEND-ADVICE Copy link from famous online teenager magazines on Facebook group (seventeen.com, teenagemagz.com, etc), specially the consultation corner
Ask the students to retell it in their own words - 100 words limit (teach paraphrasing or resuming first)
Ask them to choose the best summary
Photo-to-Story Upload an image on Facebook group
ask the students to decribe as many things as possible about the image
help the students by probing questions:
- what is the man doing?
- why does he look sad?
- what do you think happened to him?
- where is he? etc.
Let the students have it in a recount text Citizen Journalism Post a video about citizen journalism sample (metrotvnews.com or jakartapost.com)
Ask them to post a video of themselves reporting current incident/ event nearby (could a cultural event, a visit to a museum, and so on)
BOOK/ MOVIE REVIEW ask the students to choose a recent book/movie they watched in the nearest month
ask them to write a short review about the book/ movie
have the students to post their review and the cover of book/ movie on Facebook group TWEET-TO-TELL Grammar-point activities
ask the students to follow their idols on Twitter
Ask them to make:
a) reported speech; or
b) recount story of activity based on the twits CLASS POLLING Conduct pollings through Facebook group
ask the students to give their opinion on pollings
when the results got, ask them to make two sentences about the results.
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