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Kaitlynn Larrington

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of sparta

The Spartan Military
The evolution of the spartan army wet from 160 BCE to 1100 BCE during the heroic Mycenaean age
They began training at 7 years old
Had to serve until 60 years old
They were taught boxing, swimming, wrestling and throwing
Had to have short hair cuts
They attacked with spears, bows and swords
They devoted their lives to the military
Had no more than 10,000 men
They were to move quietly and never drop their shields
Social System
-Two kings ruled, but a 28-member 'council of elders' limited their power
-Men were recruited from the highest social class, the aristocrats
-Had oligarchy- few had power (usually aristocrats)
- Not very complicated
Depended on slaves
Made neighboring regions slaves
Used heavy iron bars as money
Spartan men spend lives as warriors
Sparta did not encourage trade
Spartan Eduction
When eleven years old spartan boys they were moved to next level of education.

Born into or adopted by a Spartan family
Could hold office and vote in the Assembly
Owned land and paid community fees
Full-time soldiers-supported by estates

Spartan Women

Main purpose was for reproduction
Had to be fit and active
Had to pass a physical test age 18
Sons were taken away at age 7
Forbidden to wear any makeup
Were known for there natural beauty
Ran Sparta while men were at war
Had no Spartan parents OR was an untrained adult Spartan
Had legal protections
Could not own land
Could not vote
City-State in southern Peloponnese
Near the Evrotas river
Resources- food, minerals and ore, and stone
Many mountains
Hot and dry summers
Less than 20% of land farmed
Spartan boys started military training at age 7.
Spartan Culture
Houses made of sun dried mud bricks
Red clay roof tiles
Painted white to reflect heat
Temple of Athena Chalkioikos

Born as slaves
Worked the land of Spartiates
Could own some personal property
There education was about war.

Spartan boys left their families at 7 to be train for the full-time professional army
Had very strict education and training
Boys were not well fed
Boys punished if caught stealing food
Boys were encouraged to fight each other (not in anger though)
Spartan education put emphasis on physical fitness
Boys were beaten in pubic to show their toughness and endurance
The training of males was divided into age groups:
A.) Boys 7- 17 learned reading, writing, dancing, singing, and tough physical education
B.) Older boys, 18-19, trained for the army and in survival techniques
C.) Males, 20-29, went through tough military training as part of the army
D.) Young adults, 30+, were full citizens and were expected to marry
A man had to remain in his barracks until he was 30 and if he married (men could marry from the age of 20) he had to visit his wife in secrecy
All adult men were in 'messes'- small groups that met and ate together
They were educated to resist pain.
School went until the age of 30.
Spartan Men
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