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James Watson and others!

This is a presentation about James Watson and other important people.

Marie Daugaard

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of James Watson and others!

Double click anywhere & add an idea James Watson and others! James Dewey Watson:
Born in Chicago, Ill, April 6th 1928.
Only child, farther James D. Watson. Ancestors. James' ancestors originally of English decent.
Lived in mid-west for generations.
His mom's dad a scottish born Taylor.
Married to daughter of Irish immigrands.
Who immigrated USA in 1840. James Watson's boyhood spent in Chicago.
Attended eight years in Horace Mann School, two years in South Sure School. His Work.
From Sep. 1950 to Sep. 1951 spent first year after collage in Copenhagen,was Merk Fellow of the National Research Council.
Worked backterial viruses, studying affect on DNA.
Studdied pattern of DNA through X-ray.
Got interested in structure of nucleic-acid & proteins.
Met Francis Crick.
After studying nucleic-acid & proteins, began studying double-helix design of DNA.
That time was also studying structure of TMV.
Extras. From 1953-1955 Watson Studied California Institute of Technology.
Senior Research Fellow in Biology.
He worked with Alexander Rich. Others: BF Skinner: Born March 20th, 1904
Died August 18th, 1990
Was a U.S psycologist and influential theorist of behaviorism.
Received Ph.D from Harvard University. Alois Alzheimer:
Alois Alzheimer discovered Alzheimer's disease.
He at age 51 died of heart problems.
After he died people decided to call the disease Alzheimer's disease.
Before he died he wrote many books, but he would NEVER take the honor himself.
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