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Campus Library Interactive Floor Plan

Click the arrows to take a tour of the Library! Please feel free to leave any feedback in the 'Comments' section below.

Claire Smith

on 18 May 2018

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Transcript of Campus Library Interactive Floor Plan

Top Floor
Middle Floor
Ground Floor
Campus Library
Welcome to Keele University Campus Library.
Come and have a look around...
The Library is open 24/7 during semester.
Music Library
Group Study Rooms
Social Media
Keep in touch with the Library wherever you are by accessing our Twitter feed, You Tube channel and Facebook page.
You can also keep up with the latest Library news with our blog: http://keelelibrarynews.blogspot.co.uk
Click to go directly to our pages.
I.T. Suite
Quick Reference
Books & Group Study
Keele Card
Liaison Librarians
Study Carrels
I.T. Labs
Refreshment Area
You can find out more about Herbert here: http://bit.ly/c6sRie
Your Keele card is also your Library card.

You'll need your Keele card to:
borrow books
print and photocopy
book study rooms
pay for items

You can top-up your card:
online at https://www.keele.ac.uk/keelecard/
on the top-up machine in the Library foyer
In the Quick Reference Area you will find:
reference books (such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and yearbooks).
past exam papers

Plus items available for loan:
DVDs (1 week loan)
CDs and CD ROMs (1 week loan)
There is a dedicated music library on the top floor, where you will find books on composers, the history of music and much more.
Most libraries would be satisfied with a pet cat, but not Keele...
There are also cabinets full of music scores and study tables available for use.
Reserved Items
You can reserve items that are on loan to other users, using the 'Request' tab in Library Search.

Items can then be picked up from the Reserved Items Collection Point.
Self Service
Use the self service machines on this floor to borrow and return items and also pay any Library fines.

Quick Access PCs
Service Counter
Want to find out more?
Just click the play button...
Short Loan & Group Study
There are five Liaison Librarians within the Library who can provide help and support in using Library resources and to develop your information literacy skills.

You can make an appointment with the Librarian associated with your faculty. The contact information can be found here:

This is the perfect place to take a break from your studies.
Here you will find a selection of vending machines offering:

Hot & cold drinks
Snacks & sweets
Water fountain

Bottled and lidded drinks are permitted throughout the Library but please use the refreshment area for all other eating and drinking.
Law Library
There are fifteen individual study rooms available, bookable daily from the Service Counter. These rooms cannot be locked, so possessions must not be left unattended.

Semester use carrels are also available for postgraduate and research students.

Please remember that these rooms are for individual use only. Group rooms are available for 2 or more.
There is an extensive Law Library situated on the ground floor. It stocks a range of law journals, professional resources, case reports, statutes, textbooks and research monographs.

It is also a silent study area.
Some of the earlier law documentation is only available on microfilm. There is microfilm reader in the Law Library; ask at the iNFO-Point for help on using this equipment.
There are plasma screens on all floors of
the building to keep you updated on the latest news in the Library, including upcoming training sessions, opening times and announcements.
Special Collections & Archives
Silent Study
Journals & Silent Study
There are seven I.T. Labs in the building; Labs 1-4 on the middle floor in the I.T. Suite and Labs 5-7 on the ground floor. Each of the labs contain PCs and you can send documents to print to the main printers within the I.T. Suite on the middle floor.

The labs are sometimes booked for teaching purposes, but when they are free you can drop in and use one of the computers.
The I.T. Suite houses around 100 PCs plus printing and scanning equipment. You will need your Keele username and password in order to use the computers.

If you have any questions, the staff at the I.T. Service desk are on hand to help.
For more information about the services on offer, visit the I.T. website:
Electronic journals (or e-journals) are available across all subjects. These are accessible using the e-journal A-Z, from the Library homepage.

You can access full text PDFs of thousands of articles, and print, download or save them for future reference.

From off-campus, you will need your Keele username and password to access the e-journals. Look for the log-in options "Institutional log-in" or "Shibboleth access".

Have a look at this video quick guide to help get you started:
Info-Point is the Campus Library Enquiries service. The Staff here can help you with general queries and finding and using resources.
The Info-Point is open weekdays from 08:50 to 17.00 throughout the year.
send an email to library.help@keele.ac.uk. Alternatively you can phone on (01782) 734159.
The Library Stores house a substantial amount of older material, such as back issues of journals, offprints and rare items, or items of value. The stores also contain Keele theses.

All items in store are available to look at in the Library as reference material, while some can also be borrowed.

The Library Search entry for such materials will show the location as 'store'. To access any items from store just ask the staff at Info-Point, who will be happy to fetch the material you require.
Subject Pages
Online Reading Lists
While you are in the I.T. Suite, why not check out the Library's
Training Sessions
Guides & Videos
To borrow items from the Library, you will need your Keele card.
Any items you borrow will be automatically renewed as long as they've not been requested by someone else.
To borrow and return items you can use the self service machines...
Don't forget - if you have any questions, you can always contact us:
There are seven group study rooms available in the Library, four on the top floor and three on the middle floor. Each room contains a networked PC and study table.

Rooms can be booked in advance, up to 9:30pm the day before it is required, or you can turn up on the day to see if a room is available at the time you require. The maximum time allowed is two hours.

The rooms are left unlocked at all times, so please don't leave any of your valuables unattended.
The ground floor houses the Library's print journal collection. Here you can find journals across a wide range of subjects. Just like the book collection, the journals are arranged in classmark order.

The back issues of the journals are all shelved together, while the latest issues are on wall mounted racks in the silent study area.

You may find that some older journals are now housed in the Library Store. Ask a member of staff if you need access to these.
Inter Library Loans
Follow me down to the ground floor...
Library staff will always be happy to help you with any queries you may have about your Library account, borrowing or renewing. Just ask!

During semester, the Service Counter is open:

Monday to Friday, 08.30 to 21.55

Saturday, 09.30 to 17.00

Sunday, 10.00 to 17.00
If you find that an item you require is not stocked by the Library, then you can order a copy to borrow through the Inter Library Loan service.

There is a charge for this service, and further details (including the forms) can be found on the Inter Library Loans webpage: https://www.keele.ac.uk/library/using/interlibraryloans/

You can also contact the Inter Library Loans team by phone or email:
(01782 7) 33236, library.interlibraryloans@keele.ac.uk

In this section you will find the books in the A-DF range, which includes the subjects, Philosophy, Psychology. Religion and World History.

There is also a large group study area in this section of the Library, including computers.
Keele Library provides access over 300,000 electronic books (or e-books), across a wide range of subject areas.

Ebooks are a great way of accessing your required reading when you can't get to the Library, or if the book you need is on loan.

You can find the links to the ebooks on the Library catalogue, and you will need to log in using your Keele username and password.

Once you are logged in, you can read the book on screen. There is also the facility to print or download sections of the book (within copyright limits).

You can find out more about our various e-book collections here:
You can find all the information you need about the Library resources for your subject by looking at the subject pages:


Links are provided to:

help you search for journal articles
recommended e-books
user guides
online reading lists
other useful links, such as websites
The Library uses a system called Talis Aspire to create an online version of your printed reading list.

It links to the Library Catalogue and also give access (where available) to e-journal articles, e-books, websites and digitised documents.

You can log into the system with your Keele username and password to add personal notes to items you have read, or intend to read.

Access the reading list system here:
All of the upstairs (excluding the group study rooms) is for silent studying.

If you are working in these areas, please respect your fellow library users and refrain from talking. If you
need to discuss your work, there are plenty of tables in the Group Study areas available to use.

Switch your mobile phone on to silent, and please take any calls on the Middle Floor of the building.
The Liaison Librarians run training sessions
throughout the year to assist you with using some of the Library's resources.

Subjects have included, 'The Library - Getting Started', 'Dissertation Research', and 'RefWorks' training.

These are really useful courses to help you with your studies. To check availability or book on a course just go to: http://www.keele.ac.uk/library/support/train/
*Disabled access is located on the left-hand side of the building
Health Library
Finding Items in the Library
The books and journals in the Library are catalogued using the Library of Congress classification system. You can find the location of the item you need by using the Library Catalogue.
Here you can see how the classmark system works, but if you have any problems finding what you need, just ask a member of staff - they will be happy to help.
In this area of the building you will find key texts across all subject areas, which are available for short loan [3 days].
Here you will also find :
a large group study area
wifi access
collaboration table
laminator & binding equipment
The Quick Access PCs can be found on all floors of the building.

You can log on to these PCs to check email, print items and access the Library catalogue. Use them to locate the Library items that you need; they will show you the shelfmark and location, and also the availability of an item.

You can also use the catalogue to reserve items that are currently on loan, and also
to check your Library account using the "My Account"

To help you get started, we've created this video guide:
You may find that you require resources during vacation and it is not convenient for you to get to Keele at these times.

Keele is part of the SCONUL scheme, which provides our students with access to resources at other libraries.

If you are a full time undergraduate, participating libraries may offer you reference access to their print resources (electronic items are not included).

For more information on how to join the scheme, and to see if your local library is a member of SCONUL, visit: http://www.keele.ac.uk/library/info/part/otherlibraries/sconul/

(Please note: part time students, postgraduates and staff may receive different borrowing rights, depending on the institution).
The top floor of the Library contains the majority of the book stock.

The classmarks on this floor range from DG - Z (not including JX-KW, which is housed in the Law Library on the Ground Floor).

This includes a wide range of subject areas, such as, Social Sciences, Medicine, Literature, Science, Management and Politics.

Learning to reference your work will be an essential part of your studies. RefWorks is online reference management software, which can assist you with:

collecting and storing your references
importing your references from many of our electronic resources
creating bibliographies
inserting citations into a Word document

This service is completely free to use, and you just need to set up an account using your Keele username and password.

There are training sessions running throughout the year on using RefWorks and there are also user guides and videos available via the Library's RefWorks page:
The Local Collection houses publications relating to the history of Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire. Most of the books are available to borrow and can be accessed Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. In this area we also have a map library and microfilm readers for viewing records on film or fiche.
There are many different electronic resources that you will need to use during your time here, and we understand that remembering all of them can be quite daunting.

With this in mind, we have created quick guides and videos to show you the basics of using different databases, ebooks and other software.

Links to these guides can be found here:

We preserve and provide access to a unique and impressive range of material dating as far back as the eleventh century. To find out more about what’s in the Archives and how to access it, please go to http://www.keele.ac.uk/library/specarc/
The Special Collections and Archives Administrator is located in this section of the Library and is on hand to answer any queries you may have about the Local Collection, or to find out about our other collections and archives.
The Health Library is based at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, approximately 3 miles away from Keele.

As a member of the University, you have access to the Health Library and can borrow books from there in the same way you would from the Campus Library.

There is an I.T. Suite available - you can access the Keele network from the Health Library and all the resources associated with that.

For directions, opening hours, floorplans and more information about the Health Library and what they can offer, visit the website: http://www.keele.ac.uk/healthlibrary/
There are four photocopiers available on every floor of the Library.

They are Keele Card operated and charges (per sheet) are:

A4: single-sided 2p, double-sided 4p
A3: single-sided 5p, double-sided 10p.

Please note: there are no colour copying facilities in the Library.
Text Service
Noisy in the Silent Study Areas?

Contact us via text message, on:

07768 511143
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