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XTS - urban logistics

Product XTS using the example of Compagno

Sascha Mohr

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of XTS - urban logistics

XTS - urban logistics
Therefore... The reasons for XTS
An extract from the system...
Whats about the future???
continuous development of the system
XTS: control center
Eugen Druta
XTS: mobile app
Jannik Breier
XTS: back-end
Mohamed El Haddad
XTS: project management
Sascha Mohr
11 a.m.
10 a.m.
designed for B2C and B2B
reduction last-mile-complexity
ready for cross docking
ready for transshipment
ready for mandators
a multilingual system
logistics from the grid
endless picking for the courier
control center
An extract from the system...
mobile app
independently of the transport medium
individual restrictions for transportation planning
monitoring from the courier positions
courier navigation by the system
learning system
internal repositioning of the product
cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics
expand the test region Mannheim
ongoing acquisition, currently Shanghei and Amsterdam
sister project Compagno until 2015
mobility by physical skills
Compagno - seamless mobility into old age
mobility by individual transport medium preferences
mobility by mobility resources
mobility by path preferences
mobility by other user needs
XTS Team
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