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The Effect of Video Games

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asma hamad

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of The Effect of Video Games

Many children all over the world are addicted to video games.

The child gets influenced into behaving aggresively.
(Daniels, 2011).
How the problem relates to the UAE
Possible Solutions
Title page
Asma Alshaali (201311790).
Maitha Abdulla (201200088).
Fatima Alshaibani (201117443).
Hamda Almuhairy (201200164).

Nature of game
Test games
Be alert
Play games with their children
Physical activities
(Barnett, 2010).
Relevant statistics
What is the meaning of video games?
Video Games
In what ways do video games affect children in the UAE?
Many games emphasize negative themes:

Killing of people or animals
Abuse of drugs and alcohol
Criminal behavior
Foul language
( Douglas , 2012 ).
Background Information
1) Take the screens out of your child’s bedroom.

2) Make them earn game time.

3) Don’t let the game become their primary reward system.
("Child Behavior Problems," 2013).

A video game is a high-quality graphic game in which players control images on a television or computer screen
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