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5 things that shaped who I am today

No description

destany galvan

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of 5 things that shaped who I am today

5 things that shaped who I am today
when I was 11 1/2 months old i was taken from my real parents i don't remember much because of my young age but from what i know.iI was taken because my mother was a drug addict . that's all i really know i didn't know my dad but i do know that he is now deadfrom what i have been told i also know that iwas found in a car with a dirty diper and a bottle of milk mixed with drugs

after i was taken from my real parents i was put into legal guardianship by a women named Rhonda foster till i was eleven. afterward i was put in a group home till i was at least twelve i went back home but everything was different
.i was now home schooled i wasn't trusted i was also treated differently i realized i was being manipulated and lied to. thing were about to change
1.) taken from my real parents
put under legal guardianship
put in two group homes
i didn't realize it was happening till my second group home both group home were for different reasons . the firs twas for anger but it never went away i was abusive towards family members . the second was for depression. it was hard on me because i was the youngest in there .i was treated like i was a child and i was 14 it wasn't fair i wasi was alsoin many fights one was physical and the rest were verbalit was hard on mein many ways. because i was treated differently form the others
went into fostercare
a few months after i left my second group home.i was put into a foster home and it was also a small family home. it wasn't as hard on me as the group home it was still hard.i was new but it wasn't the same new they treated me differently. they told me the rules told me what to do and what not to do i felt like i was being welcomed into the family
now being adopted
now that i felt apart of the family. it was time i became apart of the family.my foster mother asked if i wanted to be adopted i said yes. it took a few months before i talked to some one about the adoption process and i said i could wait. few months later im talking to some one about the process of adoption .she told me that i have to get the legal right from my old residence .also i would need a new birth certificate and my middle name would be changed to Hope
and my last name would now be Miller .all this would happen before my 16Th birthday.thoseare five things that shaped who i am today and have shaped the way i am and how i live
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