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Marketing Plan: Jollibee

No description

Naandi Kanawala

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Plan: Jollibee

Marketing Plan: Jollibee
Pragmatic Consultancy

Marketing Consultants:
Girish Gopalan,
Lance Smith,
Mandar Dixit,
Muhamad Atasci,
Naandi Kanawala,
Soham Doriwala

Began as Ice Cream Parlor 1975
Leader Tony Tan, wanted more…
Studied and Modelled success of McDonald’s and other Fast Food Restaurants in the United States
Today company has over 900+ outlets internationally.
Technological Factors...
-Part of many areas in Company
-Used in: advertising on the internet, sales services, Wi-Fi, social media
-Technology becoming more integrated in consumers lives and consumers demadning free Wi-Fi to meet their daily demands.
Social Factors...
-Increasing awareness of fast food on health
-More companies are offering healthier selections
-Industry been criticized by targeting young children in advertising and marketing
-Fast food consumption is socially acceptable and seen as a sign of being busy.
Economic Factors...
-Companies are effected by tax rates, inflation
-Economic factors affect the raw materials needed within company operations such as cost of oil
-other factors include: inflation rate, wage rate, and cost of living.
Political Factors...
-Health and Hygiene regulations and policies
-Company must meet country-specific regulations: opening hours, taxation and employment regulations
-Must meet Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards as well as Dine Safe policies established in Toronto
-Packaging and Label regulations are also of priority to Jollibee.
-Other competitors have strong financial backing
-Big competitors can alter their food offerings
-Burger industry has seen alot of entrants recently and is expected to continue.
-Filipinio cuisine is relatively underserved within Toronto
-250,000 out of 650,000 Filipino population in Canada reside in the GTA
-Toronto Market is receptive to new food offerings
-Filipinio cooking is one of the up and coming cuisines.
-health issues
-Jollibee isn’t well recognized outside of the target market
-Not as financial strong as it’s main competitors.
-Large filipino community in Toronto; target market
-Recognized leadership, operational excellence and marketing savvy internationally
-Flatter organizational structure, can adapt quickly
-Strong brand recognition within the Filipino community in Toronto

Primary Target:
Traditional Filipino families and individuals looking for a quick, affordable and enjoyable meal experience that reminds them of home.

Secondary Target:
Targeting non-Filipino individuals (families with 2-3 kids, teen/young adults, workers, students, young kids) looking for an on-the go meal, that is unique, flavorful and fair priced.

-American style QSR restaurant that specializes in Filipino-style infused dishes
-Main dishes: burgers, spaghetti, chicken, rice, noodles
-Desserts: Soft serve, unique Philippine desserts
-caters to kids.

Targeting “Expats”/Filipino Community...
◦Filipino radio stations, TV and social events highlighting the family experience

◦Social Media/Word of Mouth via satisfied Filipinio patrons

◦Opening promotions with discounts

◦Marketing aimed at building nostalgia through ambiance and offerings

-It plays a key factor in the perception of quality with any item.

-Must maintain on par with other fast food restaurants to avoid easy substitutability and pricing wars.
Marketing & Communication Strategies...

-The concentrated marketing campaign allows the company to generate stable revenues that can be used to support Jollibee’s entry into other segments.

-While the popularity amongst expats could generate publicity and attract walk-in traffic from non-Filipinos.

-Main differentiators in our strategy is also revolved around our superior customer service and ambiance, which is fun, energetic and welcoming.

-Model Five Guys with mystery shopper reviews along with incentives dependent on performance will ensure employees are accountability for their presentation during work.

-Community involvement
Marketing Objectives...

Increase brand awareness and acceptance.
Brand differentiation-clear with customers while earning the reputation as the Filipino style experts in QSR category
Measurable word of mouth on social media.
Corporate social responsibility efforts recognized within the target markets.

"To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone in a welcoming and engaging environment”

-simple yet profound.

-Their vision is to provide the highest quality of food=(“To serve great tasting food”)

-Inviting and conducive to family and friendly gatherings served by courteous and upbeat staff=

("bringing the joy of eating to everyone in a welcoming and engaging environment")

◦Free handouts to companies-lunch discounts

◦Food samples on street

◦One-dollar dessert items

◦Free offerings and coupons via facebook and street hand-outs


-Keep same product offerings as mentioned above but more drink offerings and soft serve desserts aimed to Toronto tastes.


-Wilson Ave. and Bathurst St. is known as Toronto’s Little Manila.

-Provides high density of Filipino patrons and in proximity of non-Filipino individuals as well.

-Great location also for exposure to the expected initial traffic.

◦Offers on discount website

◦Monthly promotions-build up brand awareness

◦Leveraging the mascot in advertisements and play

o Activities to entice kids and encourage parents to go there
Non-Filipino Market...
Contingency Plan...

Conflict Management
Dispute Solving
Quality Maintanence & Quality Control
Outsourcing PR Agencies
Advertising & Online Branding
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