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vocabulary lesson 18

these are our 10 vocab words for lesson 18. this week's theme is help and harm.

Lauren R

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of vocabulary lesson 18

by Lauren Radaker Vocabulary Lesson 18 Belittle To make a person or thing seem unimportant
or without value. Envelop To wrap within; to surround entirely. Exploit 1.To use to the greatest possible advantage 2.To make use of selfishly
and unfairly. 3. An exciting or a heroic
adventure or deed. Facilitate To make easier or to help along Forsake To abandon; to give something up. Impair To make worse or damage. Percila felt forsaken
after the human
she loved betrayed
her. Hearing aids help the hearing impaired. Inflict To cause pain; to do something unpleasant or punishing. In Despicable Me Gru inflicted
fear into Agnes by telling her
there was a monster in her
closet, but was comforted by
the minions when they
brought her a new
unicorn toy. I enveloped chicken,
tomatoes, lettuce,
corn, beans and rice
into my burrito. President Snow exploited Panem by
giving the best food to the capitol
while most of the other districts
starved. The conductor facilitated the band
by telling them when they needed to
be louder and softer. Inhumane Brutal;cruel;lacking kindness and pity Rehabilitate To restore to a healthy or good condition. The baby sea turtle had to go through
rehabilitation after it's fin was shattered. Rejuvenate To make young or vigorous again. The corgi felt rejuvenated after
a trip to the spa. I hope you liked my Prezi! Study for the Vocab test on
Monday! Thank You for watching!
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