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How can the volume of our chocolate bars?

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Charlotte Priestley

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of How can the volume of our chocolate bars?

How can we find the volume of our chocolate bars?
LO: To understand how to find the volume of a shape.
Show use of multiplication skills.

Know how to calculate the volume of a shape.

Check calculations and use the correct units.

To move to the next stage of our chocolate making process, we need to understand the volumes of chocolate bars.
This will help us to produce a successful and popular bar.

Can you work out the volume of popular chocolate bars?
How do I work out the volume of a chocolate bar?
Volume is recorded in cm3-
Do not forget the units!!

Chocolate bars are cuboid shaped. They are 3D.
To work out the volume of a cuboid you need to use the following formula:
Volume= LxWxH
Volume= 120cm3
L= 10cm
W= 4cm
H= 3cm
10x4= 40
40x3= 120
Shall we try one together?
Volume= __ cm3
Volume= LxWxH
L= 7cm
W= 3cm
H= 2cm
__ x 2=
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